Small Victory Demonstrates GOP’s Potential with Union Voters

Unions will one day realize that the best thing for them is to stop protecting the lazy.
Check it out:

To one degree of another, Republicans have spent decades on the opposite side of our nation’s unions. That’s a generalization of course, but the fact is the GOP’s crack message machine repeatedly lumps unions together as one monolithic group. In doing so, fiscal conservatives and Republicans are missing an enormous opportunity to peel away votes from liberal Democrats across the country.

In order for pro-growth, fiscal conservative policy to have a shot in blue to purple states, the GOP must engage trades unions; in particular, with the same kind of deliberate outreach strategy they wish to use with other groups like Latinos.

Successful politics is about addition and multiplication. Cracking the Democrats’ hold on union members is a key to growing the impact of a Republican message. It is possible.



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