Senate Throwdown: Reid to end Filibuster

Reid will regret this next year when the GOP takes control of the Senate.
Check it out:

It’s a defining feature, for better or worse, of the U.S. Senate — the power of the minority to gum up the works through what’s known as a filibuster.

While this makes the Senate one of the most deliberative (read that as, slowest) legislative bodies in the world, it also prevents legislation and appointments from moving too fast.

But now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is moving to undermine that right.

In a gamble that could send shockwaves across Capitol Hill, Reid on Thursday announced a bid to change Senate rules to make it easier for the majority party to push through nominees. Reid, frustrated by Republicans’ stonewalling of numerous Obama nominees, cast the shift as vital to the Senate’s survival.

“The Senate is a living thing, and to survive it must change,” he said on the Senate floor.



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