Sebelius Hearing: A Missed Opportunity

When liberal lie about the facts, it can be hard to catch them in their lies.
Check it out:

So here’s Sebelius, in her proud incompetence, going on and on and on about the “good” things of Obamacare like not denying anybody with previous conditions, or kids being able to stay on their parents’ policies ’til they’re 26. Every Republican shoulda stood up and said, “Yeah, and that’s why nobody can afford it! Yeah, that’s why costs are skyrocketing. It’s because you’re putting stupid things like that in it which can’t be paid for, which are not affordable.”

But the biggest thing… You know, I love basics in terms of persuading people, informing them, educating ’em. Why did we do this? Why are we redoing health care? Well, because we had (depending on the day) 15 million, 30 million, 43 million uninsured. That was considered immoral. “In one of the wealthiest nations on earth, that there are that many uninsured people that don’t have health care, that’s just unacceptable.” Okay, fine.

Then why write a 2,700-page mess with hundreds of thousands more pages of regulations just to provide insurance for 15, 30, 43 million people? Do you realize how much less it would cost just to subsidize insurance for people that couldn’t afford it without doing all of this other stuff? That then leads to the reason why all this other stuff is really being done, and it doesn’t have anything to do with health care. It has to do with making government more powerful and giving government more reach into everybody’s life.

It has to do with shrinking the economy by one-sixth of its size. Republicans are worried that they don’t have an alternative. “Well, Mr. Limbaugh, we just can’t stand up there and start beating up on Obamacare! We gotta have an alternative.” No, you don’t. But if you want an alternative, how about let’s just do a plan that ensures 15 million people that don’t have it and be done with it? I guarantee you it’d be a lot less expensive, and it would be a lot less disruptive.

And then, when you tell people they get to keep their plan, they’d be able to keep their plan! And when you tell people they get to keep their doctor if they like their doctor, they get to keep their doctor. Why in hell are people’s premiums and deductibles doubling and tripling, when all we really set out to do ostensibly was insure 15 to 20 or 30 million people that didn’t have it? Now, what does it take to present that as an alternative? I’m getting worn out here, folks. I’m sure you are, too.



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