Sarah Palin Demolishes Matt Lauer

Gotta love it when liberals get put in their place.
Check it out:

I want to focus on the fact that Matt Lauer I don’t even think knows what he’s talking about. He’s given this talking point from the White House; it’s a three-year-old talking point. We went and dragged it out after we heard Matt Lauer’s question. Where does this come from? It comes from Obama! “Oh, yeah, eight/nine million, 5% out of 300 million people in the country? Big whoop, but if they lose their plan, they’ll get a better one. Ha! What the hell?”

Well, right on schedule here is Matt Lauer! “Sarah, well, if they lose their plan but their plan that replaces it is an improvement, aren’t they gonna love the guy?” So Matt Lauer then said, “Chris Christie called the shutdown of the government and that strategy hatched by Ted Cruz, a member of the Tea Party, ‘a monumental failure.’ If you look at the results of the election, isn’t the message of the Tea Party that the middle ground, not the far right, is the most fertile ground for upcoming elections?”

Now, here we are again. We’re back to these precious independents, “fertile ground.” Matt doesn’t know yet that the polling data all shows independents abandoning Obama in droves. He’s just repeating the silly little talking points that somebody at the Regime or his producer gave him. It’s standard operating questions. They think that they’re gonna embarrass Sarah Palin; make her look like a fool. “Well, I mean, isn’t the message to the Tea Party that the middle ground, not the far right like them, is the most fertile ground for upcoming elections?”



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