Robotic Liberals Who Get Their Health Care Cancelled Because of Obamacare Will NEVER Turn on Obama

Some liberals don’t think for themselves.
Check it out:

Look, you know what? I have seen enough. There have been stories, out of San Francisco, which for Obama, that’s the home field. Even more so than Chicago. San Francisco is home field. There are dyed-in-the-wool, robotic liberals out there who have had their insurance cancelled. They have lost it all. They’re fundraisers for Obama. I’ve seen two different stories on this, different people, families, man and wife. They’ve had their insurance cancelled. They have decided that they are going to reduce their income in order to qualify for subsidies.

And they still support Obama. And they still support Obamacare, even though — (interruption) well, you can shake your head in there, but that’s what the news said. (laughing) I know they’re not the average people, but what I’m saying is, how many — Look, the vast majority of professors in this country are gonna be Obama groupies. They’re not gonna blame Obama. That’s my point. Just like in San Francisco. These two people that raised money, donated money, they lost it all because of Obama. They don’t blame him. They still love him. They still support him. They’re still gonna do whatever fundraising he asks ’em to do, and what they’re gonna do is they’re gonna reduce their income so that they qualify for subsidies in order to get their insurance back. They are going to significantly reduce.

These people combined are well into six figures, and they are going to reduce their combined income to 50 grand a year just to save their health care that somebody else pays for. I’ve seen two different examples. My point is that, Robert, I know you’re looking for some schadenfreude out there, and you may not get it, is my point. I can think of no more loyal group of people than the professor community. I mean, who are they? They are the propagandists. They are the indoctrinators. They are the true believers.



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