No Reprieve for the Obamacare Dozen

Anyone who voted for ObamaCare should be voted out of office.
Check it out:

Now, these senators that went up to the White House and asked Obama for a delay in the individual mandate.

Remember the little trick we played on Friday, you know, just to see what would happen with the establishment when I agree — ’cause they (weeks ago, months ago) said, “We don’t need to do anything, Senator Cruz! We don’t need to defund this. We don’t need to delay it. It’s gonna implode on its own. We’ll just sit around hear and watch it.” Okay, it started to implode here, and so I guess the Republicans are just gonna sit by and let it implode.

Then I saw Jonah Goldberg yesterday on TV. “No, no, no, no! The Republicans can’t just sit by and let it implode because it’s gonna hurt people.” Obama hurts people. Everything in this regime hurts people. That is the point. Even the beneficiaries of Obama’s largesse. I mean, even when Obama plays Santa Claus, he’s hurting people. He’s denying them their dignity. He’s denying them their humanity.

So for the argument, “Well, we’ve gotta do something to help people here. The Republicans can’t be seen as standing idly by while people get hurt,” it’s Obama inflicting the pain, and it’s not just with Obamacare. So the argument sounds good, I’ll admit. “Well, no, Rush. You say that we just ought to sit by here and not let them delay the mandate, let Obama live with the pain that he’s caused.” “But that’s gonna hurt people.”

The whole Obama administration has hurt people! Where’s that argument been for five years? Obama’s economic policies, Obama’s foreign policy, they hurt. That’s the net result of the Obama presidency: People have been hurt. Did you see what the number in the labor force? They’re now 91.5 million people not working. Just six months ago it was 90 million. There are 91.5 Americans are not working! Now, it is my contention that those people are being hurt.



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