Regime Wants to Rebrand Obamacare

Hilarious. Now that it is broke they don’t want to associate with it.
Check it out:

Juan Williams. Obama convened a secret meeting that didn’t stay secret very long yesterday of left-wing journalists and reporters. They had people in there like Juan Williams, people from MSNBC, I think Chris Matthews. It was 10 or 12 of ’em, and it was like a strategerical session. Obama brought ’em in there to, you know, buck ’em up, to basically tell them to be confident and go out and keep spreading the Obamacare word in a positive way.

Juan Williams, of Fox News, just gave his report from that meeting. He said, among other things, that in the meeting at the White House, somebody in the meeting — Obama, somebody — said that the White House wishes that the insurance companies had not sent out those cancellation notices. He said the White House wishes they had called them “renewal notices.” So they think they’ve got a PR and optics problem, and the White House told these leftist journalists, “Look, the thing you gotta go out there and say is, ‘These were not cancellation notices. They were renewal notices, and these evil, rotten insurance companies who are desperate to savage our brave young president called ’em cancellation notices.'”

So based on what Juan Williams said, I, El Rushbo, am going to make you a prediction, that it will not be long before you hear everywhere in the Drive-By Media that the insurance companies are attempting to sabotage the great plan of our great young president by sending out what they were calling cancellation notices when all they really were was renewal notices.

Juan Williams came out, he told everybody the White House is mad insurance companies told the truth and didn’t try to hoodwink their customers and lie to them about how they were actually losing their old plans. The White House thinks the only problem they’ve got is that the insurance companies called them cancellation notices instead of renewal notices, and that’s how they operate.



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