Regime Sells Obamacare to Millennials with Promise of Sex Without Consequences

Liberals show how low they will go.
Check it out:

Now, these ads. You know what’s incumbent in an ad campaign like this is the assumption… Some of you may think that this is smart marketing. The assumption here is that these young people are irresponsible, they’re unserious — and, by the way, the other ads including drinking shots, guzzling out of kegs, partying, hooking up, working out at the gym, and losing your mind while drinking wine. Two women working out at the gym drinking wine, making plans. (interruption)

I haven’t seen “the young black butcher” so I don’t know what that is, but there’s… No, that’s not it. The only one I see with a black kid in the ad is carrying a bag of golf clubs. I don’t see that. But, I mean, folks, they’re just blunt. There’s even one for pain killers. Three, it looks like, female Rollerbladers, and what this is obviously… The implication here is that Millennials can be bought by promising them free access to all of this irresponsible behavior — irresponsible, unserious behavior.

That all they care about, the only thing young people care about — and maybe this is true since they can’t find work. That all they care about is drinking shots, guzzling out of kegs, partying, hooking up, drinking wine at the gym, taking risks, and being irresponsible in general. But then they’re assuming that these same irresponsible, sybaritic, hedonistic worthless, irresponsible kids are nevertheless responsible enough to seek out insurance at the Obamacare exchange.

So it’s a totally mixed message. I just can’t help to think back to that two-week period of massive controversy, and here it is. Here it is come to life, brought to you by the Obama administration, actually promoting promiscuity, encouraging it by saying, “We’ll give you what you need to make sure there are no consequences to your actions. Just sign up for Obamacare, and there’s no consequences to whatever you do because it involves health, we got you covered.” That’s the message they’re sending out.



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