The Real Story of Thanksgiving is Catching on Out There

Remember to be thankful for all the blessings in your life.
Check it out:

“The real story of Thanksgiving is William Bradford giving thanks to God for the guidance and the inspiration to set up a thriving colony. The bounty was shared with the Indians.” There was a thanks to the Indians. They had so much, they had the Indians over. They did sit down, and they did have free-range turkey and organic vegetables. But it was not the Indians that save the Pilgrims, and “it was not the Indians who saved the day. It was capitalism and Scripture which saved the day,” as acknowledged by George Washington in his first Thanksgiving Proclamation in 1789.

Folks, if you read — and I’ve got it here, I don’t think I’m gonna have time to get into it, but George Washington’s original Thanksgiving Proclamation will send any atheist running for the hills. It is thanks to God for the Constitution, for the inspiration for the Constitution. Thanks to God for the inspiration for the founding of the country. It’s why so many of us are so devoted to preserving this country as founded and not allowing it to become what the Pilgrims nearly died first establishing.

I can’t leave it here without once again telling all of you how utterly important you are to this country and how utterly important you are to this program. How much you have meant to me and my family and all of us here, the overrated staff, everybody. This show would not exist and it would not be what it is today without you. We love you to death here because we know that you are the people who make this country work.

I wish there were ways beyond words that I could show you and express it. But as of now, there aren’t, so I’ll just have to use my words, but, believe me, we all here have the greatest appreciation for all of you, and how utterly important you all are to this country. That’s the true story of Thanksgiving. Have a great one.



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