Rand Paul Hints At 2016 Presidential Run

Paul would be great at the top of the ticket.
Check it out:

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul gave the first iron clad hint that he is gearing up for a 2016 Presidential campaign, stating Monday that he thinks Americans are looking for “someone like myself” to vote for.

“I think they want someone outside of, you know, what’s been going on.” Paul said, referring to the political sideshow in Washington.

“For example, someone like myself who has been promoting term limits,” Paul told Fox News Monday. “Someone who says we shouldn’t have, you know, decade after decade longevity up here.”

The Senator left many believing that he was offering himself as a potential candidate to Republican voters as well as the party leadership, noting that he feels he is still “perceived as an outsider… should that be the choice at sometime in 2016.”



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