My Purpose is to Beat Back Liberalism and Revive Patriotism for the Next Generation

Defeating liberalism is the ultimate goal.
Check it out:

I want to address something here, and I might botch it at first. I just got an e-mail during the break, and the subject line was: “I’m skeptical. Well, you say that there are gonna be ramifications. Obama’s not gonna get hurt by any of this. I mean, you know, America was nice while it lasted.” I had an e-mail exchange with some friends today about an admission that I made to them about my naivete. One of the things that I have been really naive about — I’m sad to admit this — for the entire 25-plus years I’ve been doing this I have been under the impression that whether you call them Republicans or whether you call them conservative, that there are people fighting the left, trying to stop them, trying to educate and inform people so as to reverse this.

And I have, frankly, this is my naivete, I’ve been shocked to learn how few people actually are doing that on our side. I mean, it’s obvious at this moment now there’s no pushback from the Republican Party on any of this. And, in fact, when there is pushback to any of this, by conservatives, oftentimes they are attacked by the Republican establishment. I’ve been asking myself, I interviewed a guy once who wrote a book about how the left has corrupted education. And the book was replete with examples, and it was devastating. It was a great book about how the left has totally corrupted and bastardized not just public, but all the way up to college, education. And in the interview I said, “Well, how long do you think this is gonna last? How long is it gonna take us to retake this?”

He was totally flummoxed. He said, “What do you mean, retake it?”

I said, “When are we gonna kick them out and regain control of the education system?”

He was totally flummoxed. I said, “Well, why did you write the book? I mean, why spend the time and the effort of writing a book detailing all the corruption of education by the left, if the purpose isn’t to reverse it?”

“Oh, well, that, Rush, we’re not gonna be able to ever do that.”

I said, “Well, then what am I doing here?” This is years ago. I talked to, at the time, an editor of a famous conservative journal of opinion. I said, “How long do you think it might be, realistically, before we can educate people to the left and assume a dominant position as conservatives?”

“Oh, Rush, it’s never gonna happen.”

I said, “Well, then why are you doing what you’re doing? What are you doing? Why do you want to run a magazine here?”



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