No Phone Call: Obama Snubs Christie

Obama seems to be forgetting that Christie handed him his reelection.
Check it out:

Wait a minute. Don’t tell me that’s true. Have you heard this? Obama snubbed Christie last night? Obama called all the people that won but he didn’t call Christie? No. That can’t be. I just heard that. According to reports, even though Obama called a number of winners last night, he didn’t call Christie to congratulate him — which is really odd, because Christie campaigned for Obama in 2012. They hit it off there down the shore.

It was right there on the shore, not quite on the boardwalk at the Onyx Club, but, I mean, it was close — and when that was over, I mean, Christie was talking about how great Obama was and so forth. Could we arguably say that Christie campaigned for Obama but not Cuccinelli? Well, I mean, what would you call it when Obama comes to town after Hurricane Sandy and Christie praises Obama to the hilt, one week before the election, after you’ve just keynoted the Republican convention for Romney?



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