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  • patriotusa2

    The answer to this problem is for all these people to go back to their own countries and eat whatever they like. We Americans will keep our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on our menu, till the cows come home!

    • g55rumpy

      my dad was fed those as kid. he had a fit when he found mom making them. no kids of his were going to eat those. i never did like `em

      • patriotusa2

        I always liked peanut butter, and still do, but I don’t like the two of them together. I’m just getting sick and tired of all this stupid racist stuff.

      • javadog

        By definition, anything a white American eats, thinks, says or does is racist, intolerant, offensive, and insensitive


    Just more convoluted liberal PC crap!

  • kabulgeorge

    How bout, OK, I’m gonna count to 20 before I open fire! One….two….three. Racist if you use blackberry jam. If immigrants had the opportunity to eat a peanut butter and jelly samwich, I’m pretty sure all they would say is can I have another! Liberal crap, indoctrinate them young to use flawed logic to find faults where there are none. GHU!

    • oldgoatee

      I prefoer raspberry-must mean I’m prejudiced against native Americans!

      • Barbaracvm

        I like honey with my pb sandwich; now what?!?!?!?!

      • Augustleo

        Really delicious is that combination. I chose that in my youth.

      • Barbaracvm

        creamy or nutty?

      • Augustleo

        In the 1940’s, I don’t recall if we had that choice. My parent bought the PB.

  • Another Guest

    Apparently this person is confusing racism with culture.Racism has been used now for everything,and is losing it’s meaning.When some one shouts racist now,I don’t even bother replying,because I have decided it is only the racist that shouts racist now days.


    I guess I”M the most racist person out there then I’m 58 and I’ve lived on mostly pb & j every day most of my life

    I currently have 36 jaws of peanut butter right now in my pantry lollllll

    • sargeant rock

      YEP, go a few myself and I make my own jelly… I guess I’m a P&J racer…..

    • OzzWorx

      You schmucks! I wouldn’t be caught dead eating peanut butter invented by a black men. I eat almond butter dressed in my KKK suit!

  • NSA Snooper

    Welcome to the USA, and if you don’t like the local customs please feel free to return to your beloved homeland and it’s own culture. The US has it’s own and Harvey Scott needs a new position, perhaps a clean up worker in the kitchen, bathroom guard, or something that’s not too difficult.

  • Tutu

    How sad! I guess this will be the future of the progressive liberals in America. Look for any excuse to claim racism so that they can eliminate the while culture. I love tacos and pita bread and most all of exotic foods that have been introduced by various cultures. Why can’t they just let it alone and if you don’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches don’t eat them. To tie this as a racial issue defies common sense.

    • sargeant rock

      since when have our liberal, socialist educators had common sense, Obozo did not give them permission to have common sense….

      • Tutu

        That clearly is the missing link. I fully agree with you.

  • elton123

    Liberals must be brain dead. Cry “race card” on anything ——- ha, ha, ha!!!

    • rwdodgerblue

      Really! I don’t care anymore what they call me. It’s been WAAAY overdone.
      If anyone calls me a racist, I just say Thank you!
      I got called that today by a black man I was discussing politics with. I got angry and told him I don’t hate obama for the color of his skin, I hate him because he’s destroying the country. He blamed it all on the repubs! Ha! I had to leave before said something unladylike.

  • Ruby_Con

    No wonder these propagandists don’t have time to say the Pledge of Allegiance or teach kids the three r’s. End the DOE now and abolish public sector unions immediately. These so called educators should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Washington22

      excellent point, Rudy. We need a Republican president to REVERSE all this BS.

      • rwdodgerblue

        Yes we do, but a REAL conservative that follows the Constitution.

  • harrison j. bounel

    when i was a child in panama, i ate mantquia de mani y marmilade……hope i spelled that right….which was peanut butter and jelly on white bread. panama is a very hispanic country and to say everyone eats taco’s is just not true in las americas. yes i have eaten p&j on soft corn tortillas and pita bread too. kids do that. so am i a racist now? geeeeez, we gotta get real in america. since 2008 we have evolved into a hateful country

  • Ruby_Con

    As a first generation Italian kid growing up, I went to school with big meatball sandwiches and salami sandwiches which I would trade for my friends peanut butter and jelly and bologna sandwiches. They wanted what I had and I wanted what they had, thats the way it works. Leave the kids alone and they will work it out for themselves. Stop the leftist propaganda. Teachers do not deserve to be respected since their goal is to peddle a failed political ideology and agenda. They are no less than child abusers.

    • Rachel Hogan

      I am not (nor do I want to ever be) a teacher. Regardless, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. But, I can understand your aversion to teachers, and the irony kill me.

      • Ruby_Con

        I’m not really sure what you are trying to say. Is the dumbest thing you ever heard the part where kids will work things out for themselves? or the part that teachers don’t deserve respect for peddling leftist ideology? or the part where they are child abusers?? No Irony there, just the unfortunate facts.

      • Rachel Hogan

        Saying that teacher do not deserve to be respected is the idiocy I’m referring to. Also, that they’re child abusers. Seriously?

      • Ruby_Con

        Seriously. If you are indoctrinating children in a failed leftist ideology; if you try and brain wash children into thinking that the collective is more important than the individual; if children are punished because they eat a pop tart into the shape of a gun; If as they claim there is not enough time in the day to say the Pledge of Allegiance; If a child is suspended for wearing a T shirt with the flag on it; If a PB&J sandwich is considered racist…. all while, graduating kids who are borderline illiterate solely for the purpose of creating more non thinking democrap voting drones like yourself. I would say that makes a pretty strong case for child abuse.

      • Rachel Hogan

        What exactly is “failed leftist theology”? How are schools teaching that the collective is more important? The school system has some (major) flaws, but not like you are describing. And I’m not a democrat. I’m not a republican either, but I’m definitely not a democrat. Also, more unintended irony.

    • Don39

      Don’t let that brush get to broad! Sounds pretty discriminating to me, like you can not discern the truth and differences in teachers. What is criminal is the control the unions and the government have on teachers and the common core crap they are forced to teach!

      • Rachel Hogan

        I completely agree! The system is faulty, not the teachers.

      • Don39

        Some teachers. Others willingly follow so-called common core and socialist propaganda and belong to and support communist controlled unions. I am an advocate of private education, home education, or heavy involvement in a child’s education to counter the foolishness taught in public schools. It is criminal of parents to turn their children over to the public school system in most cases!

      • Rachel Hogan

        Yeah, there are going to be bad teacher, and that’s unfortunate. Personally, I think the problem with the system is the standardized testing nonsense. Education has become less about actual learning and more about regurgitating facts on cue. And, you are so right that parents need to be more involved in their children’s education. I’m not sure that I completely agree with the union issue, but then again, I don’t know much about teachers unions.

      • Ruby_Con

        I use a broad brush strictly to make a larger point. Teachers are paid more and work less than ever before while at the same time kids are dumber than ever before. There is no country on the planet that spends more per capita on education than the United States yet graduates children that know so little and are ill prepared to be productive contributing citizens. The PB&J story is indicative of where the focus and priority of education has gone. It’s not about learning history, math and science, english literature etc. Instead, It is about indoctrinating children into believing that the earth is a fragile eco system, that “greedy” Americans have raped and pillaged the resources and people of the world. It is about making sure that a child knows that the ideal family structure is two men (or women) and a goat etc, etc. Are there good teachers out there? Of course. But if you want to see the value we are getting for are tax dollars just check out Jay walk all stars on Jay Leno or any man on the street interviews on any college campus.

      • Rachel Hogan

        Yeah, because teacher just make so much money. Actually, kids are not dumber. They are more intelligent. It’s called the Flynn Effect.

      • Don39

        All of that is true.

  • Washington22

    Will the BS ever stop? These foreigners are in AMERICA. Keep your own culture if you please, but we aren’t changing ours to suit you.

    • cyber_hackster

      You better look closer — The American way is no more —

      • lovinspoonful

        The American way is still there, but we have to fight for it. Your attitude does nothing.

  • jb80538

    Some of these people need a knuckle sandwich! Right across the mouth!

  • sargeant rock

    This goes beyond stupidity… These are the type idiots we have teaching our children???
    I wear white underwear, I guess that makes me a racist… My teeth are white I must be a racist…
    OH, and I drive a white car so I am most assuredly a racist…. By the way, Obozo lives in the “White House” what does that make him???

    • TBI

      A red in the White House!

      • sargeant rock

        Not the color I was thinking of, but it works…

    • BigUgly666

      …. A Criminal Usurper who should be hanged for his crimes against this nation and her people.

      How’s that for a politically incorrect answer!

  • TBI

    Forced assimilation or deportation.

  • cyber_hackster

    So’s chicken and watermelon — Love ‘em both — What a bunch of morons ——–

  • Dan Flathers

    So, should anyone not “white” abstain — even if they’d always enjoyed P&B sandwiches their whole lives — because they’d be practicing and encouraging “white privilege?”

    Yet another example that modern Liberalism is a mental illness.

  • cae973

    I think its time all morons were removed from jobs that they have proven they are too incompetent or too mental to perform !

  • TBI

    It is not white privilege, the rest simply cannot keep up and never will!

  • Erin Jenkinson

    Feed any Lib a big shite sandwich, two helpings.

  • joepotato

    So with that ******* logic… a ham-n-cheese sandwich could be Islamophobic…

    • Barbaracvm

      make it ham and cheese

      • joepotato

        How about a BLT…?

  • setemfree

    CIVIL WAR- Blacks against Hispanics. Where does that leave a white person.??

  • Tallfritz

    GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!! My black friend was surprised when he saw me eating fried chicken and a dessert of watermelon… He asked whether I actually liked “his people’s food”… (His words, not mine.)
    I told him that I had been eating it long before he was born and long before I ever heard anything stereotypical about it..

    • Tallfritz

      P.S. I will eat peanut butter & jelly sandwiches anytime I feel like it; and if it annoys some stupid teacher, I’ll have two…

      • lovinspoonful

        The teacher was wrong to even use that as an example. shame on her and she should have been reprimanded at least.

    • lovinspoonful

      My husband woud have taken umbrage at that comment that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist. What a stupid thing to make an issue of anyway. Lots of people like peanut butter jelly sandwiches. So what? Now we’re going to decide that what you eat makes you a racist? How ridiculous can we get? My husband taught our granddaughter to eat peanut butter sandwiches when she was small which she called belly sandwiches.

  • CelticRune

    We started with the “stone age”, then to the “iron age”, then to the bronze age”, then the “dark ages”, then the “rennaissance”, the “age of reason”, the “age of enlightenment”, then the “industrial age”, then the “information age” or “electronic age” and now finally we have reached the “age of stupidity” or the “moronic era”…………”the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits”, Albert Einstein…………”the problem with common sense is that it is not so common”, Benjamin Franklin.

  • Judy Eaton

    My friends were shocked that I made a pecan pie because I’m not from the south. Long live peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and oreo cookies.

    • MRD

      I love Oreo cookies with white milk after I eat a PBJ.

      • Barbaracvm

        only in AMERica

      • BigGoofyGuy

        I love the sugar-free Oreo cookies. it is really good.

      • Bandit

        Oreo cookies now that sounds good after all I just had a nice t-bone steak, and some Oreo cookies will go down real nice about now.

  • jong

    Racist??? thats rather interesting. Maybe we should all summon the spirit of Brooker Washington who basically put the peanut where it is today. As for the rest this is America either get use to it or leave.

  • LittleMoose

    Sorry Charlie, they’re not in Somali of South America anymore…

  • buckofama2010

    DUMBASSES. Al the more reason for me to eat them in public especially around “disadvantaged” people which is the PC term for lazy scum

  • Connie Beverly

    So they think that a torta and pita are not a form of bread? Get a grip

    • BigGoofyGuy

      I have had peanut butter and jelly in a wrap and a pita. I like it. It is – like you say – they are just another form of bread.

  • Phaenius

    Peanut Butter and Miracle Whip and sliced tomato sandwiches. Love it. Uh…is it racist?

    • BigGoofyGuy

      not racist but it does sound good. I will be giving it a try. :) I like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches. :)

      • Bandit

        I also like peanut butter and banana once in a while as well that is also good, My Grandmother gave them to me.

      • Phaenius

        Now that sounds more like PREGNANT.

    • ChicagoThunder1

      Try peanut butter and American cheese toasted.

  • Mark Udoni

    dumb f*ck*n ‘spic teacher, probably in a union…..

  • Ruby_Con

    Could you imagine if a child bit a PB&J sandwich into the shape of a gun? not only would they be a racist, but a right wing racist extremist in the eyes of the looney tunes left.

    • Barbaracvm

      a child ate his pop tart into the shape of gun and got kicked out of school

    • mtncrusr

      If I don’t want to eat their bug and lizard lunch I am probably racist for that too.

  • Shane

    Why the hell don’t they try to assimilate the Somalia Muslims into our culture instead of trying to make us adapt to Somalia culture. They came to AMerica of their own free will, so learn to like P&J sandwiches. These libs make me want to puke.

    • BigGoofyGuy

      I don’t they should be forced to like PBandJ but calling it racist because they don’t isn’t racist. I think they use ‘racist’ for anything they disagree with.

  • Ruby_Con

    “We as black people, it’s time, it’s time for us to come together. It’s time for us to rebuild a New Orleans, the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans. And I don’t care what people are saying Uptown or wherever they are. This city will be chocolate at the end of the day.” Mayor Ray Nagin NO, LA …..Maybe we shouldn’t eat chocolate any more.

    • jd

      Want to buy some flood-damaged school buses?

  • stonemike

    To hell with Somalis, Mexicans , or any other foreigner who enters America, this is our country, if they dont like it, get the he–l out! Speak English and eat what the govt “gives you”, how dare anyone , American or immigrant bad mouth our culture, our food, language or society? We should rise up, and throw every illegal immigrant or those legals who disrespect ‘anything American ” out of OUR COUNTRY!

    • Rachel Hogan

      Aaaand this why people think you’re racist.

      • Don39

        That would be little immature fools like you. We who live in the real world see nothing racist about it chicky!

      • Rachel Hogan

        Yeah, that’s kind of the problem. “To hell with Somalis, Mexicans , or any other foreigner who enters
        America, this is our country, if they dont like it, get the he–l out!”, is racist, roosty.

      • Don39

        No it is not. Your bend over backwards to accommodate those who willingly come here is stupid and childish. Expecting others to conform to adopted societies is just plain intelligent common sense and race is not a factor. Race baiters like you destroyed the concept of racism!

      • Rachel Hogan

        It is! It really, really is. Now, don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand illegal immigrants (for various reasons). But, legal immigrants do not deserve to be treated like second class citizens. We, as a nation, are definitely not bending over backwards to accommodate anyone. Did you know, in Japan most of the signs and billboards are in at least three (sometimes more) languages? Japanese, Chinese, and English.That is accommodating, in a good sense of the word. And, I’m not a race baiter. I didn’t bring up race first, so that definition doesn’t fit.

      • MK McMillion

        They are second class citizens if they do not assimilate.

      • Rachel Hogan

        Again, this is why people think you’re racist. I’m not going to elaborate on this because it makes me kind of lose faith in humanity.

      • MK McMillion

        People do not think I am raciest, you think I am racist.

        This is not about race. It is about the American way of life, about standards, about common sense, about the rule of law.

      • Rachel Hogan

        Yeah, I guess saying that people who don’t act just like you deserve to be second-class citizens isn’t inherently racist; it’s just idiotic. I have to ask, what exactly defines “the American way of life”?

      • kktex12

        You are a racist. You will sell out America for the sake of being politically correct. You need to go live in Iran, Iraq, etc and spout your crap. I guarantee you would be in chop chop square within a month.


        They are supposed to “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” that’s why they left their mother country to become American Citizens, then become an American, leave you old ways behind…..

      • Rachel Hogan

        True, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated with such disrespect. Besides, who cares if they don’t want to “do as the Romans do”? As long as they aren’t hurting anyone, let them live how they want.

      • BigGoofyGuy

        they should respect our culture the way they want us to respect theirs.

      • Rachel Hogan

        Yeah, they should definitely respect it, but they don’t HAVE to follow it, because this is America, and that’s how this whole freedom thing works.

      • Bandit

        Well then you when you get beat down by a bunch of black kids then you can tell us they are not hurting anyone. Better yet you can tell that to my nephew who was shot in the shoulder back in AUG, all because of the thugs attitude toward withe people.

      • Rachel Hogan

        I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing here…

      • Rachel Hogan

        And it’s more the language of the comment that I disagree with than the content. “To hell with…foreigners who enter America”, I mean, come on. That’s pretty blatant.

      • BlueViolets

        The point here is that they come to America but then want to change America so it is like the country they left. If that country was so wonderful then why didn’t they stay there?

      • kktex12

        You are full of crap. If they do not like America they do need to get the hell out and go back to wherever they came from. Multiculturalism will be the death of America. We are Americans first. Then you are of whatever cultural/country you are from. It is not Mexican-American. It is American of Hispanic/Mexican descent. You obviously have not defended this country by serving in the military. You are one of the takers and the ungrateful who do not appreciate the freedoms others pay the price for.

      • OldNavyChief

        Bravo Zulu, well put!

      • Rachel Hogan

        *facepalm* I almost, kind of agree. I agree that isn’t “not Mexican-American. It is American of Hispanic/Mexican descent”, but not really in the context which you are using it. You are simplifying an incredibly complex issue by taking away the humanity of it all. “They” are people who (in some cases) have moved thousands of miles away from everyone and everything they’ve ever know. They should be proud to be here, but that doesn’t mean they should have to trade in their entire identity. I’m speaking of course, of legal immigrants. Illegals are a different issue all together.

      • Clint

        With that kind of opinion, you need to always go to bed with all your door locks unsecured. Surely anyone coming through your door would be welcome, would they not? Yet, in your liberal haze you think we should not control who comes into our country. You can’t have it both ways. If you want personal security, it must begin with national security. BTW, this is about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches being racial. Irrational logic? Naw, couldn’t be.

      • Rachel Hogan

        You’re kidding right? This had nothing to due with national security. It has to do with the fact that once someone comes into the country and gains citizenship legally, this becomes their country as well. You can’t tell the to get the hell out of America because they now have as much a right to be here as anyone (unless they start committing felonies or something).

      • Clint

        Rachel, I do understand what you are saying. This article is really about “political correctness” and the idea that the U.S. citizens must change to avoid offending people from all over the world with different histories, etc., and in the process the only people who suffers are the citizens of the United States. If any person in the world wants to apply through Immigration to lawfully come to America, we welcome them. If they illegally cross our borders and take up residence in our country, they are not and should not be welcome. Why? They are lawbreakers and in their first act of coming to our free nation, their first footstep is an illegal one, and they are not citizens. Some in our government want to give citizenship to these people who broke our laws when they stepped on U.S. soil. Our country is a nation of laws and not a nation of men. The liberal people who are pushing this craziness about what one eats are also pushing the idea of giving citizenship to illegals. In your reply to my post you used the phrase, “once someone comes into the country and gains citizenship legally, this becomes their country as well.”, and the operative word there is “legally”. Can you not see that? Amnesty and citizenship for those who entered illegally is a reward for criminal conduct. In a nation of laws, you just can’t do that. The reason that the statue of Justice is blindfolded, is because true Justice must always be guided by the law, not compassion. In my earlier post to you, I stated that you should go to bed with all your door locks unsecured. Please understand, I don’t want you to go to bed with unsecured doors, and I don’t want any of us to go to bed with our nations borders unsecured either. Like it or not, we live in a dangerous world. Be safe.

      • Rachel Hogan

        I think we’re on the same page here. The original comment I was responding to lumped all immigrants, legal and illegal, together, and that is what I took offense to.

      • Clint

        Good, thank you.

  • Mac Boy


    land of the free and home of the brave.

    How may I help you?

    Press ‘1’ for English.

    Press ‘2’ to disconnect until you learn to speak English

    • pegichase

      Great post.

  • Don39

    When racist fools decide what is racist, everything is when they see fit for it to be so!

  • jd

    Does LSD show up in a drug test? Normal people don’t think like these weirdos.

  • DocJimmy

    I have eaten peanut butter & jelly/jam sandwiches ever since I was old enough to eat solid food. I STILL eat peanut & jelly/jam sandwiches. Who is the idiot that let this buffoon of a Principal out of the asylum? They BOTH need to be locked up for being terminally stupid. The Principal has far too much time on her hands and it has effected her judgement (if there was any to start with). I also eat peanut butter & jelly/jam on saltine crackers, so; does that make me a “racist cracker”? I also like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups – Dang; I can hardly wait to hear what Gutierrez will call that. Racist indeed – what a whacko…..

    • Bandit

      I have peanut butter on saltines for a snack now and then, they are great.

  • Pendy1

    Worthy of Chris (Tingles) Matthews! EVERYTHING is racist (if a white person says it).


    If they don’t like our Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches go back to where You came from. There are people starving every where that would Love a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich.

    • BigGoofyGuy

      peanut butter was created by a dentist to help his patients get protein. I also like cashew butter, almond butter and sun butter (made from sunflower seeds). If they don’t like it, they don’t have to eat it. As far as I know, no one is forcing them to eat it.

      • Clint

        Peanut Butter was invented by a very intelligent black man named George Washington Carver from Alabama. I had no idea he was a Dentist also. Go figure..

      • Bandit

        And they say that black people did nothing for this country, well I happen to enjoy a PB& J every now and then I even make my own peanut butter when I get the chance.

      • Clint

        Sarcasm duly noted. I am a white Redneck cracker from Alabama who just happens to believe in giving credit where credit is due. George Washington Carver was a great man, as is Dr. Carson, Dr. Thomas Sowell, and Lt. Col. Allen West and others who just happen to be of the black race, all of which would show Obama to be the pretender that he is. Obama is the fart pretending to be a hurricane. At a frat party it might be funny, but in the world of reality in the U.S. of A., it is anything but funny. At least me and everyone I know are not laughing.

      • Bandit

        The MEN that you named are indeed some great ones but the creature that in in the W/H he thinks himself great and yet he is nothing. I may be a white man out here in the desert but there are a few black men that I have talked to that would make the one in the W/H look like a child in comparison. And yes these guys also enjoy peanut butter and jelly as well, there is nothing wrong it. Peanut butter was thought up by a black man George Washington Carver, and there were others that came up with a way to put it to real good use. I have nothing against black people there are some out there that are great chiefs and others that are great doctors.

      • Clint

        A certainly can’t and won’t argue with your opinion of the “ONE” in our White House.

      • BigGoofyGuy

        It seems GWC is only one of about three who might have created peanut butter.

    • Edwin Hoffman

      When the Army dropped MREs on Afganistan the people complained that they did not have Afganistani MREs. Appears we do not have Hummus in the MRE.
      Of course it did not help that we were also dropping cluster bombs that kinda looked like the MREs.

      • KJ

        An MRE is meant to sustain life. Was that sort of stupidity common to some or most of the Afghanis?

      • Edwin Hoffman

        What the post is about, is that you cannot please everyone at any time.
        Political Correctness is (c)rap and shpuld never have been introduced,
        It works on the principal that you can change hearts and minds by being politically correct. Complete and utter horse dodo.


    That was my lunch I took to school every day on home made bread and homemade Strawberry Jam, mom did buy the peanut butter, That’s all we could afford as I was growing up. I am a white Michigan ridge runner. There was nothing with it !!…..

  • Ralph G. Barkley

    I kind of like peanut butter, mayo, a slice of sweet white onion and strawberry jam on white bread. Saw my mother eating one years back and commented how awful it looked and she had me take a bit, you know what? It was pretty good.

    • BigGoofyGuy

      When i eat something like that, people how gross it is but I tell them I like it. :)

  • 1bob

    It’s like the web….if you keep chasing all the variables in a situation, you have no time left for the situation.
    If it takes explaining your point by using peanut butter, then tacos, then torta and pita, the day is gone. This is America–use your peanut butter and jam and move on. If our guests have to be taught in their own jargon or examples, I’m sorry, but it is beyond reason….Teach ‘taco’ when you’re covering geography–do they still teach that?

  • Greg

    Phuck that…I want my PBJ’s so I’m first on the racist list.

    • Bandit

      I have been eating PB&Js since the 3rd grade, that has been the better part of 45 years ago give or take a year.

      • Greg

        Heck yeah Bandit…a champs feast!!!

  • Val

    Holy Crap, this is nonsense. Eat your lunch and enjoy it. Does it really matter that much ? Is this what our teachers are having the kids study???????????? There is a mental problem here with these teachers, did they go to college to teach Sandwich making ? NONSENSE.! No wonder our kids are behind other nations with their grades.SHAMEFUL..waste of $$$$$ and TIME !

  • Scott

    Liberals are nothing but STUPID and you can’t fix STUPID and this definitely proves it.

  • djpala

    What a stupid CROCK !

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Somalis and Hispanics eat dirt and grass, respectively. They wouldn’t know what a peanut butter and jelly sandwich looks like even if one hit them in a food fight.

    These people need to assimilate–or die.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    The insanity prods along right on schedule. Before Rome and other civilizations collapsed it is proven mass insanity was prevalent.

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    That moron ThomPaineJr 12 would probably agree.

    • gutterfalcon

      And some guy or little Girl named “jeff” They may be ” Life Partners”

  • Mack

    There are SO many more issues with the education system in our country…this is beyond ridiculous! But that’s how it is – when people in charge don’t know how to do their job, they find stupid, petty issues to attack and pursue.

  • oleinwi

    I fear only a reboot is going to get the Republic back, because as it stands now, it’s already gone. The rest is just taking that much farther away from it. ONLY the 2nd amendment is keeping us from the camps.

    • Edwin Hoffman

      Perhaps making it illegal to be a liberal, That might work (Please).

  • gutterfalcon

    One of the Stupidest things I’ve heard. Many other Countries & peoples eat things I’ve never heard of or eaten. So does that mean they all have to Stop ? They should know better than to offend ME. Who Cares ? I couldn’t care less what they eat. If they want Peanut butter and Jelly on Jello, I don’t care.

    • elmcqueen3

      If I’m hungry..I’d eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich any day of the year…Fact… I just luv peanut butter…These sandwiches have got to be healthy!

      • gutterfalcon

        I actually Still Do.

  • MIKE6080

    then I want burrito , tacos , and beans or chittlins , chicken and greens

  • Barbara Johnson

    This is really stupid! The bread used for this sandwich depends on a persons taste. What are the school cafeterias supposed to do now? Should the workers stay over night to prepare different menus for 20 different ethnic groups?

    • mariowen

      Ooh, be careful there! We are going to have our next conversation about the problem with – white bread as opposed to brown bread. Now this is truly racist. You can’t eat white bread because it is white that whites are racists. We can’t eat brown bread because the white people will say that brown is racist. Black bread can’t even be mentioned. Pretty soon they will have to take it off the shelves because the store will be tagged as racist for selling white/brown/black bread…and yes, peanut butter is brown! Oh, no, we can’t eat anything that has color to it. That is racist. Soon we will be limited to clear liquids so no one is offended.

      • Barbara Johnson

        Better learn how to make your own bread at home then.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Close the school kitchens. Make students bring their own lunches from home. That way everybody can have their choice.

      • Barbara Johnson

        I think that would be a good idea, but then the schools would cry from that extra money that can be skimmed off of.

  • Tpatriot

    And these brilliant educators are so worried about
    the Kiddies, they plan to strike next month.

    • CJS3

      That just means the kids won’t be having their minds indoctrinated.

      • rosech

        Or it is an ill wind that blows no one any good. Yes for their conferences and strikes. Better yet, just fire them and hire intelligent and worthwhile teachers who truly want to teach the 3 RRRS.

    • MargaretJacobson

      Let the crazies strike. Let parents grind another alternative. Hire (try to find) real teachers. Refund federal involvement in education.

  • The Old Chip

    The left’s doctrine of political correctness, and the fraudulent religion of multiculturalism and diversity, is sabotaging our country’s recovery and future.
    Political Correctness is a doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

    • lovinspoonful

      I’m sick of hearing about “politically correct” because most of of the time it isn’t politically correct.

  • Leland64

    What about hamburgers and hot dogs? No many of those in (pick any third world dung heap) so why not tell the immigrants the is America, deal with it or get the hell out.

    • rosech

      NO need, they have theses same hamburgers and hot dogs everywhere we have traveled and that is a lot.

  • Fletch

    DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT??? Guess I’m a racist! I also eat p/b and banana, what label would that come under?

    • lovinspoonful

      When I was in high school they used to serve peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. They weren’t bad.

      • Fletch

        I’m from Louisiana. Need I say more?

      • lovinspoonful

        Shows people have diffrerent ideas doesn’t it? I also liked peanut butter with lettuce on it.

      • Fletch

        Havin’ it “‘Your Way”, so to speak. Bon appetit’

      • Washington22

        peanut butter and banana or peanut butter and cream cheese…… mom used to make these……..

      • lovinspoonful

        I never tried peanut butter and cream cheese. Just goes to show you c an eat peanut butter with a lot of different things and it means nothing other than that you like it.

      • Washington22

        I’ve got one more that I’d forgotten……….peanut butter and velveeta cheese.. It’s my favorite, really. When we were in school, there was, of course, no refrigeration. so when the weather was warmer, we didn’t take things that spoiled easily. Later in the year, I always wanted tuna sandwhiches, no bologna or lunch meat of any kind.Once in awhile meat loaf, if my mom cooked some……….A trip down memory lane…………

      • lovinspoonful

        Yes, we didn’t have coolers in those days. You either carried your lunch in a lunch box or a brown paper bag. L:ove tuna. For me, a long trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing.

      • Greg

        PBJ’s with hot sauce..yum

      • MargaretJacobson

        Pganut butter and dill pickle sandwiches are awesome !!!!! Try it with peanut butter and raisin on raisin bread ,,,,

      • lovinspoonful

        Cool. We used to get DutchA pple bread and make a baloney sandwich. Delicious. My husband got us on to that one.

    • Taquoshi

      I can go you one better. Down in New Zealand they have this stuff called Maramite and Vegimite. They spread it on bread. And then they….they eat it. I’m told it’s an acquired taste. Uh-huh….

      • Fletch

        never heard of either, but I’ll try anything….once!

      • rosech

        Yuck stuff, and Nutella, forget it!

  • jack ward

    It must be me, but it looks like academia has a lot of spare time on their hands. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as opposed to reading, writing, and arithmetic. Huh?

    • lovinspoonful

      You took the words right out of my mouth. That was going to be my next comment. s
      Someone doesn’t have enough to do.

    • OldNavyChief

      Bravo Zulu!

      • jack ward

        Thanks Chief! From US Army guy.

      • OldNavyChief

        You are quite welcome! Have a nice day.

  • The_American_Way

    I’m actually encouraged by this. When these type charges are made i.e. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches are a “dog whistle” for racism, it diminishes the black race baiters position. Every day someone plays the race card about anything they don’t like or agree with. It is used by the intellectual midgets who don’t want to discuss the real isssues.

    Black unemployment is at 20% – racism.

    Affordable Care Act computer system doesn’t work – racism

    IRS employees target Tea Party Conservatives – racism

    Four dead Americans in Benghazi and inadequate security provided – racism

    Thousands of guns given to the Mexican drug cartels (Holder’s Fast & Furious Program) – racism

    NSA spying on Americans without “probable cause” – racism

    People not able to keep their health insurance – racism

    People not able to keep their doctor – racism

    Solyndra goes bankrupt after it was given $627 million tax payer dollars by Obama – racism

    Obama takes his relatives on vacation and claims they are “senior staffers” – racism

    I could go on and on but the only lesson is that racism is the cause of everything that doesn’t work in the Obama administration. If you don’t believe that just ask Oprah.

    • rosech

      And Obama is a white man, so we can be racist about whites even when we are white, right?

  • 1commonjoe

    Is Taco Bell or Pizza Hut or Subway Sandwiches Racist ? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • lovinspoonful

      How about Subway? No problem about grilled cheese?

  • Jim

    We are the Borg…Resistance is futile!!!!

  • Brama

    We are a melting pot, not a salad bar. In other words, other cultures that come to America need to blend in, not set themselves apart. When remaining completely distinct becomes the norm, America becomes a nation of fragmented populations that are divisive, segregated, and more intolerant despite us all “being American”.

    • EdWatts

      My thoughts! Why aren’t teachers teaching children to be Americans?

  • re06tired

    Is there anything that can’t be conscrued as racist??? The insanity factor in this nation is rising every day, why we kow tow to numerical minorities is unfathomable.

  • gregCall

    The only privilege whites seem to actually have is being forced to walk on eggshells around the hypersensitivities of liberal groups and minorities.
    Saying we shouldn’t talk about sandwiches in America is like saying Mexicans in Mexico shouldn’t talk about tortillas., an that would be racist to suggest that.

  • Edwin Hoffman

    This is Political Correctness gone way to far. Liberals are creating a world where anything said or done is racist.
    Example if PB$J is racist, so is the GYRO which is pita bread with lamb and veggies, If anyone mentions that they are now being racist against people who do eat sandwichs.
    It is all effin stupid, and all liberals should be removed from any position where they can try and affect these stupid changes.

  • mthammer

    Just try to Ignore the behavior , once the State or the Federal Govt how to run the schools ,then we wont have our freedom anymore . Once the indoctrination starts and it does start at a very young age , the next generation will all be dependent on the govt for everything . I think its along way off but I am glad I am not going to be here to see it , its incoporated already with over 50% paying no Taxes . 50 million on Food Stamps , open borders on our southern territory , immigrants , muslims , alcaida are coming in and they are all getting , welfare, food stamps , SS Disability , rent assistant , and they cant speak english. Go to the Wallmarts and watch the people buying food I ask for ID , they run out of the store , some refuse and run out of the store , some show me & I thank them that I could help.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      Did you every think it might be because, we have a White House full of Muslims?

    • rosech

      Just as Stalin said, give me your little children and America will fall from within. He knew and spoke the truth.

  • Johnnygard

    I like peanut butter, and I like jelly, but I have always hated them together. That PROVES I’m not racist.

    • CountryBoy

      No, you are a Segregationist…..

      • Johnnygard

        I guess so, but I love both.

      • MargaretJacobson

        I also like peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Peanut butter and applesauce sandwiches. Also peanut butter and cyme am cheese sandwiches. School lunches were wha. Light on in junior high school and high school. My mother didn’t like to cook much. At school we had things like fried chicken, mashed potatoes , vegetable, bread and milk. All for thirty two cents. Today’s school lunches are terrible and cost a fortune.

      • rosech

        Not to worry, I have never liked peanut butter and never, ever jelly! Yuck!

  • David Stovall

    Fry the peanut butter sandwich in butter, then add sliced banana and jelly. Elvis loved them and so do I. NASA determined that it is the best in the Universe.

    • Jeronimo Dan

      And where is Elvis today?

      • Greg

        Remember. Every day some one dies who had eaten PBJ’s but so did someone who had eaten carrots and peas.

  • Harry Rainey Jr.

    Well there goes RC Cola and Moonpie, a colored teens favorite snack along with pouring peanuts into a bottle of Coke.

  • Reflect

    If we didn’t allow illegal aliens to go to school here, in the United States of America, we wouldn’t have to worry about learning other nationalities traditions. If you are a member of Our Country, then you accept traditions of this country. Motherhood, apple pie, and peanut butter Sandwiches.

    • rosech

      But because of PC, most come here now with the attitude I don’t have to learn English or follow your customs, etc., especially the latinos. Even to the point that my flag is not yours! Arrogant and yet schools bend for them. Sad and sickening. My spouse and my relatives came either speaking English or rushing to learn it, get an education and move ahead. All that seems to be passe now. Our bad!

  • Gordon Brown

    Starting with the Communist inspired Book, the Ugly American, we have been targets of brainwashing. “White Guilt” while we pumped billions into Europe and Japan after the war, and fed Russia after Lenin and then Stalin executed the farmers.

    I don’t buy being ashamed to be American. I am ashamed that we allow socialists to educate our children. They don’t teach them how to think, as my generation was, they teach them what to think.

    There is an old maxim…’It’s lonely at the top.” As such, always a target, the object of jealousy, hatred and fear. This administration, and the progressives that birthed it will make sure America is no longer at the top.

    • rosech

      Having lived in other countries, I have no guilt nor have I followed being PC which is definitely a liberal whitewash of racism at its worst. Why not teach reading, writing and math and if a student is a slow learner, have a special class to get them up to speed. When I taught grade school, I taught hi IQ students but not all were up to speed in one or two subjects, so off to the special class to get up to speed. It worked! Education is no longer education, but racism of the rancorous kind. Good teachers have left off teaching and most are just those who barely can spell, add 2 and 2, or anything else. Or, the blind leading the blind. I also taught slow students but I was trained in my teaching education classes how to teach them. Now a person spends 6-7 and even forced to get a Master’s and still can’t manage a small class (whereas mine ran to 40 and more), nor how teach anyone, least of all themselves. Met a teacher the other day who didn’t even know what a shallot is and she about 40 yrs. of age? My goodness, my husband said how can she even be a teacher and she is teaching 3rd grade! I agreed.

  • Jakebrake

    OMG! these people are really sick. They should locked away before they hurt somebody or themselves.

  • TPM

    PB & J stands for Peanut Butter and Jelly.
    No mention of bread, there. Guess that trumps the race card.

    So far as sensitivity toward Somali’s (Muslims) … well, aren’t they the religion of pieces?
    Allow me to explain … A week doesn’t go by but for them beheading at least a couple of Christians.
    I am not a fan of their ethnic cleansing. Perhaps we should mimic there efforts, here, in the USA.

    BUT, for the meanwhile, let me offer them a special sandwich.
    I’m thinking they’d enjoy a PB & C … Peanut Butter and Chitlins :o

    • Keith

      BLT, analy

    • Sunshine Kid

      Let’s really flavor them up: Peanut butter, ham, bacon and a pork chop

    • EdWatts

      Peanut Butter and Cyanide!

  • Mel Calvert

    PC run amok!

    • Sunshine Kid

      Cryptic but accurate.

      • Mel Calvert

        Sunshine Kid: Thanks for the shout out. I like your style and your wit.

      • Sunshine Kid

        I’m flattered, sir!


    Good God…make it stop before we’re all driven insane!

  • AmericanIcon

    This is the United States of America. We eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – on white BREAD. Deal with it, or don’t let the door hit you in the…

  • scolafr

    These incompetent, agenda driven progressive liberals make the case for homeschooling.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The school teaches the teachers how to “boost minority students’ performance.” I think they should concentrate on boosting their own performance, because all they are doing is dumbing down their own educational values to the lowest common denominator rather than demanding outstanding achievement.

  • rosech

    Talk about stupidity and ignorance. Spanish use tortilla for tapas, Mexicans use tortilla for sandwiches and bread, an I am sure in Somalia they also have a bread type used to wrap around food. This is utter nonsense, has nothing to do with education and lot to do with plain old ignorance and racism and prejudice against America and its citizens. The feds own and run the public school system by alloting funds and telling them what and how to teach, i.e., Common Core which is a communist program, and the teachers’ union live on those funds as well. This school and teacher needs a check up from the neck up and look for other jobs where brains are not required. Self-esteem comes within and not dumped in by foods, clothing, etc. America, wake up and take back our country and boot out those who are not following the Constitution at every level because if we don’t, America is no longer ours and we will be enslaved just as was done under Stalin and Russia in Germany, in Venezuela, in several African countries, and more. The choice is ours if we are truly the “brave”.

  • RightWingLeftyGolfer

    I just had a good supper. Now I think I’ll go puke – and then have a good ole southern style peanut butter and jelly sandwich – or two!!

  • Work2SnowSki

    Eff them, I’m am getting fighting mad about this crap. We haven’t moved to Somalia or Mexico, they’ve come here, sometimes illegally, if they want to continue to be third world, don’t come here.

  • ActualConundrum

    How stupid is that. We eat all those examples. And I betcha if tha somali or hispanic is in America they are eating peanut butter and jelly sandwichs. And their loving it. No food is racist. At best food can be ethnic. Thats it. You are Llowed to like or not like any food. Whether you eat it or not it is not racist.

    That teacher should be fired on grounds she is detrimentally ignorant making her a threat to children.

  • David R. Nemirow

    Progressive, progressive, progressive, progressive, progressive, progressive, progressive, progressive>

  • noelle20102

    THESE ARE NOT RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shawncorrigan

    i want to offer a little deeper take on this, i was told by a smart guy “follow the money trail”this led me to uncover a scary fact as to the power foundations of the world. the people who control have an agenda,the communist tool is effective to regulate and emasculate . this is the goal. a docile non -threatening heavily regulated controlled reduced populace .do the research learn who is running the thing, you will find the answers to why america entered ww1 (you dont know do you?)which was connected to ww2. and why all the other wars. we need to stop these people. they are smart and they are powerful.

    • Clint

      If you wish to be recognized as anything other than an idiot, you must change your avatar.

      • shawncorrigan

        clint,i would like to challenge you to answer a simple question. if you happened to take the time to read my post instead of making fun of my avatar. why did america enter ww1 ?

      • Clint

        Touchy aren’t we. I would gladly accept your challenge except for one thing. I would be at a great disadvantage right out of the gate. Why is that? Because, I have no idea what you think started ww1 or ww2 or, for that matter, any other war or action. If you were to ask, do I believe that there are people planning and controlling things of this world from behind the scene? Absolutely. Answering your first question would be as foolish as trying to tell someone how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. I am not that foolish.

  • f8crusader

    they are not being forced to eat it just as if we were in their country , we could not begin to eat some of there stuff either. Is that racist…No, just different cultures. They don’t have to eat it.They are visitors. If they want to be come citizens join in , but please don’t let some idiot call it RACIST…..S—!

  • madashellnow

    A lot of countries never ate burgers until McDonalds opened shops there. Enough or this politically correct stuff already!

  • Cliff261

    This is terrible. We are no longer able to live our own lives.
    We are to be forced to consider how other cultures live their lives, then consider how our lives will impact their lives, then consider what we say or do may insult another culture.
    This is not acceptable behavior and not acceptable to expect of anyone.
    Other cultures that move to this country have always learned to assimilate. Not the other way around.

  • Rod Huse

    What happens when freeloading whackos live in the White House!!!

    • Clint

      We get ObamaCare. Yiippee.

      • Rod Huse

        Like trying to pick up a turd on the clean end!!!!

      • Clint


  • Markusdecarcus

    This is becoming the parallel universe of ridiculum, this political correctness is, at the least, a huge thorn in America’s side. It needs to stop NOW before the Citizens lose their cool. I am certain more are against this stupid crap than for it. The ones for it are definitely complete idiots..

  • nevadarny

    How stupid can liberal Democrats be? Is there no end to their idiotic behavior?

    • Clint

      You are correct, there is no end.

      • southern tom

        …AND IT IS ALL part of the plan… push-push-push until someone pushes back… then declare martial law…

      • Neal Avery

        Martial Law might be better than what we have.

      • southern tom

        …I DON’T think so… but martial law could easily be the spark that ignites the fuse that detonates into a full scale revolution… short of a miracle in 2014, THAT IS what’s rushing towards us…

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    White privilege? We ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because it was cheap. And after my mother died, it was bologna sandwiches. If we were rich, it would have been caviar on toast, roast beef sandwiches, and anything that rich people would eat.

  • JeanneD

    A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a “raciest” food ? What is going on with our American culture ? When we go to Spain we eat Spanish food, Germany, German food, China, Chinese food and we expect no apologies. The idiots are running the show, folks !

    • southern tom

      …WELL, if there are students that have never had a sandwich ~ especially a PB&J ~ perhaps this American delicacy should be introduced to them!

      • Clint

        I propose a world wide glut of pb&j sandwiches made on white bread. Is that racist?

      • southern tom

        …IT WOULD BE if you had included a glass of white milk!!

      • Clint

        Far be it from me to provoke. ;<)

      • southern tom


      • Neal Avery

        Is it OK if we have Oreo Cookies with our PB&J’s and White milk?

      • southern tom

        …WELL, I really don’t think so… everyone knows that Oreo Cookies are racist…

      • Neal Avery

        It is so simple. If they don’t want PB & J’s they can eat something else. If we want to keep our doctor we can, right?

      • southern tom

        …THAT’S always been part of the American Way ~ do your own thing so long as it doesn’t infringe upon with my doing my thing… I GUESS that’s part of the fundamental transformation… only one way now.

    • Clint

      Not the idiots JeanneD. The ones running this asylum are the insane.

    • Patriot

      We elect these idiots or we sit home and do nothing and they keep getting re-elected. It is up to the people NOT the illegals – NOT the socialists – to get out and stand strong and take America back. Politically Correct is a farce. Take the word out of our vocabulary period. I did many years ago. We need to take America back with donations to people not parties. We have certainly found out the last several years how many liars we have in power.

  • KJ

    Enough of this politically correct crap. The world isn’t one shade of gray. Some people excel while others don’t. For that, the overachiever should be rewarded–the underachiever, not. As people, we’re all created as equal, but it’s up to each of us to succeed or fail by our own virtues or faults.

  • Rubygirl

    Why can’t these teachers concentrate on teaching “reading, writing and math”…you know, those tools that help our children succeed in the world????? If the students don’t know what a PB&J is, then michelle needs to stay out of the lunch programs and let the schools serve PB&Js for lunch. Easy, peasy!! We, Americans, learn on our own when we visit other cultures! Same should apply to LEGAL immigrants who assimilate into our society.

    This is getting beyond ridiculous!! Shoot, there are culture foods served in different areas of the UNITED STATES and we don’t asked to be catered to when we visit those states!

    • jimbo124816

      Here’s a good one for you.

      I recently had to go to an area K-12 School to repair a file server. As I went up to the entrance, there was a large sign that said, “This school is a peanut free zone. Because some people are allergic to peanut products, nothing containing peanuts, peanut oil or any other peanut derivative are allowed on the premises.”

      I have a friend who is extremely allergic to peanut products, so I could understand the warning.

      As they buzzed me into the school, I started down the hallway toward the office. Then I noticed a large poster on the bulletin board, announcing a contest to decide who could make the best PB&J sandwich.

      Nuff said!

      • phil62

        ‘Nuff said’

  • rmwayne

    Unbelievable!!!! I honestly believe these politically correct liberals are batshit crazy. They all ought to be in rubber rooms wearing straightjackets.

  • toongail

    I know why I did not get a job with a minority clinic – they asked me if I was “culturally sensitive” – puzzled and realizing I really did not want that job I said -“Haven’t had any complaints” – LOL

  • JL Brown Jr

    If anything whites do is racist! Let us look at the blacks that are trying to start a race war! Its insane! The new game knockout! When they do this! Have you heard the word racist? If it was a white kids doing this! My god it would be on TV and obama would be on center stage saying this could be his son! Enough of the pandering, call things like it is! Be damned about political correctness!

    • princesssong

      HIS “SON’S” have gotten into A LOT OF Trouble lately!!!

  • Joseph kay

    To bad,

  • mallen11

    I love homeschooling. I am a grandmother who “coaches” my two high school granddaughters and I am tough on them. They actually love homeschooling. They are not so up tight with all the disturbances that go on in the classroom where teachers can’t even teach. Hours and hours of homework so they can learn at home because they can’t be taught at school — might as well teach them at home. They have “live lessons” each week and can call their teachers when they need help. There are field trips where they meet other kids as well as online during live lesson and “open office” sessions. If at all possible, get your children into homeschooling. We use Connections Academy — no charge.

  • phil62

    Oh well Holsum, guess ya better start making that “black” bread or you will be shut down. Oh yea – why you are at it make the bread in the shape of a penis or vagina so you won’t hurt the feelings of the you-know-who crowd.

    • leorumthug

      Don’t forget the Ahole.

  • gideonrockwell

    This is why my child never attended public school, it was a sacrifice sending him to a private Christian School, but I did not want him indoctrinated into the Democratic Socialism the public school system and teachers union have sold out to. If this is an indication of what has been going on in our public schools for awhile then no wonder the idiot we have in the presidency got elected twice and there are so many screwed up young people wondering around today.

  • Anita

    Everyday the definition of racism changes. Today, it it peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Oh well, I guess I fit this definition of a racist. I LOVE peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

  • gene1357

    I was certain that “political correctness” was truly the joke Leno and others made it out to be. Looks like the joke is on us. They’re serious! What’s good is bad (us), whats bad is good (everybody else). And he did it to us on purpose.
    Bizarro world is us.

  • Vernon Davis

    This county has gone so far down since Obama took control that Russia and Cuba may soon be a better place to live. How in the Hell can the Democrats be so stupid as to let this happen to America.
    Schools use to teach kids how to survive in this country, now they are brain washing them so they will
    think Socialism is the way to go. If Obama gave one cahoot about most Americans he would not be
    doing all the destructive things he is doing. We finally elect an almost black man, and what does he do but destroy this great country. Talk about Racist, that is the only weapon that the Dems know how to use, but they fail to look in a mirror to see the true Racist.

  • FAAQ2

    So what ! Why don’t you liberal clowns get a life- eat peanut butter and die ! What’s next – the race war over peanut butter ??

  • Neal Avery

    There better be “White Privilege” who else will pay for welfare?Besides it’s our country. We bought it, we own it. They have their country. They are welcome to go back to their country. What? No welfare.

  • govtrumbull

    Right now I have about ten jars of PB and several jars of Jam as part of our food storage. And I am adding more! Wow, I must be a member of the KKK! Our “Educators” have become blithering idiots.

  • CrystalClaire

    Oh come on now! Everyone knows that Fluff ‘N Nutters are the Real enemy here, what with all that white marshmellow cream, & white bread, just squeezing the poor, brown, highly descriminated against, peanut butter?! How could the teacher have missed that?! Racism is everywhere, if you just keep looking for it! The racist sun blots out the black night every day! And what about that White moon? It just disappears when it turns black! That can’t be fair. There’s got to be some racism in there somewhere! All we need are more brilliant teachers to point these things out. Otherwise well, how could we EVER get along?

  • shawncorrigan

    i dont have any interest in discussion with people who judge based on physical looks over content , but your probably right.

  • bjreg3

    The “supposed” education system is nothing but a bunch of buffoons trying to indoctrinate children to a leftwing “frame of mind”. It’s hard to turn the children into stupid needy adults.

  • truthbeknown

    These liberals seem to get worse and worse. When are we going to put a stop to this. Wake up America the beast is upon you.

  • Ann Rand

    Well, I guess we should be supplying pre schoolers with white sheets and crosses.. LOL

  • michael lawless

    i only eat peanut butter no jelly
    does that make me a racist?

  • Ncrdbl1

    The end of days must be getting near.

    • URKiddinMee

      The end was accelerated when an inept Community Organizer in Chief was put into the most powerful office on Earth.

  • Ncrdbl1

    How can PB be racist since it was created by a black man?

  • Justin Mccall

    Sick of PC yet????

  • Al Chemist

    Our so-called education system is apparently run by a lot of loons. When you listen to these guys (and gals), at first you think they are doing stand up comedy. They are not! These people are totally serious. Lord help the children they teach.

  • trader-bob

    Our great grandparents ASSIMILATED!!!!!! What is wrong with THAT!!!!!??????!!!!! You idiotic retarded liberals have to bow down and kiss these folks a#%^*(, for WHAT?!?!? Let them be, they will GET IT!!!!!!!!!

  • Dawn Garland

    Obviously these teachers do not have anything of importance to talk about, so thye have to conjur up a problem….I am racist against stupid people like this!

  • Ruth

    I am so tired of discrimination. I would think tha the black.brown, or yellow would want to forget the past and start new. I never had anything against anyone no matter their color religion or politcs . we have a mind and a choice. and how stupid something that we eat, I love the things of every ethnic background, give it up. this world have gotten so bad about what I, me, mind etc. Our homes are our privacy area but once we go out beyond we are a group wanting the same things.

  • Kenneth Duncan

    Go to any other country. Why do we have to change for other people to come here. They came here, they need to be the ones to assimilate. I did when I lived in Japan, Germany and Korea..

  • Redhead

    If A simple sandwich is racist to some people then they should go back to where they came from !! And anyone who hate our great nation AMERICA should also go back to where they came from! Furthermore to assume anyone is offended by asking if they would like a sandwich is a complete and uder fool. When you are in another country and are offered any type of food, it is considered expanding your horizons or being cultured, yet when foreigners are in America teh worst is assumed. GET OVER IT the P C Police are insane!!!

    • racefish

      Considering that peanuts are good for you, unless you have an allergy, it’s possible these people didn’t get enough nutrition for proper brain development. I try to be objective in these matters.

    • URKiddinMee

      I thought eating peanut butter was atribute to George Washington Carver. I guess i’d better keep the fact that peanut butter and banana sanwiches are among my favorites. I’m sure that would offend Moochelle and Oprah.

      • MadmaxUSA

        But they make their sandwiches on pumpernickel bread. (OMG, here comes the hate!)

      • Charles Caswell

        George Washington Carver did not invent peanut butter. He promoted peanuts as a nutritious food and a profitable crop for black farmers.

      • URKiddinMee

        I know. It was an apparently weak attempt at humor to throw in the face of liberals who want to make a frigging SANDWICH a racial slam.

        “Although Carver didn’t invent peanut butter, he did play a significant role in popularizing it and his 1880 “invention” of peanut butter preceded most of the other modern “inventors” of peanut butter. Carver was one of the greatest inventors in American history, discovering over 300 hundred uses for peanuts with100 or so of those not being related to one another in terms of the end product produced; he also discovered hundreds of uses for soybeans, pecans, and sweet potatoes.”
        The Incas made peanut paste as early a 1000BC. This date preceded liberals.

  • Ron

    can anyone one please explain to me where these moronic asses come from,how can a simple snack type sandwich be racist,these fools who come up with thus garbage need to get a life.I am so very sick and tired of listening to crap like this.What has become of people in this country,whatever ,it’s very sad

  • racefish

    Try using cow intestines instead. Or you could use stink bugs, grass hoppers, etc.

  • RAS0503

    Before long it will be racist to buy or own a white car with black interior.

    • Rock ThisTown

      I have a dream . . . that one day my four vehicles will live in a nation where they will be judged not by the color of their hoods & leather seats, but by content of their engines.

      • mark

        I’ve always judged them by the contents under the hood. Appearances be dammed!

    • Sonshine

      The handicap general is at work again!

  • dojobo

    absurd. These idiots have way too much idle time on their hands.

  • URKiddinMee

    Political correctness run amok . . . AGAIN!

  • VanceJ

    Boy howdy, I must be racist as I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.!!!!!!!!!

  • pegichase

    On the stupidity scale, this idea rates a 10.

    • VanceJ

      Oh I don’t know, I think it’s off the chart.

    • USMC 64-68

      That stupidity scale is integral to progressive thought.

      • Sonshine

        Yes and it feeds into the the whole idea of past injustices! This generations is being lead down a path of guilt for things they had nothing to do with. It also allows the powers to be to usurp the intent of the Constitution.

      • RAS0503

        Semper Fi.
        64-68, Vietnam 67-68

      • USMC 64-68

        Welcome home brother. Semper Fi

  • mark

    By that nuts thinking a Burrito and taco are also racist! look people i grew up in Ca. The part of my life when I ate P & J I lived in a city that was 75% Hispanic. Most of my friends (my best friend included) were Mexicans. They all ate P & J.

    There is nothing racist about eating ethnic foods. Therefore the only thing I can assume is that Verenice Gutierrez himself or anyone else who thinks that is most likely a racist.

  • Barbara Winters

    What??? This is getting a little too rediculous. It has to stop.

  • Sonshine

    Absolutely insane!

  • Joseph P. Martino

    The only “white privilege” I’ve noticed is the requirement to pay for the welfare of all thiese other people. It’s long past time to call a halt to this nonsense.

  • southie55

    The people in Portland have a real problem if they allow this moron to be a principal in the school system and it’s not a P&J sandwich.

    • URKiddinMee

      Ory-Gun is a socialist cesspool.

  • jzandensky

    Only you can Stop this nonsense.

  • firemanfred

    So,is it the bread or peanut butter and jelly which makes you a racist? What if you eat it on wheat bread, can I call myself a “Bro” then? This is what our American teachers are brain washing our kids with now? Time for the PTA of parents to go to these moronic schools and start threatening to pull there kids out in protest at intervals that the teachers and their idiot administrators will understand loud and clear. When school attendance drops in great numbers at regular intervals, schools do not receive their money from the state. When the money starts to trickle away, and a financial crisis develops in these schools, WATCH how fast the school district will cave in to stop this crap. They did this in schools throughout the nation, starting in Texas, when schools got out of control with these no tolerance rules about gun’s. Parents protested because their kids were being suspended for such things as a picture of a gun, playing cowboys and Indians in the playground pretending to shoot with their fingers, and most recently some child was eating food and the food looked like a gun. The parents attended a school board meeting demanding these stupid rules be changed. When school officials refused to be reasonable, parents organized and held their kids out of school in large numbers at the same times, affecting the schools funding for attendance. Within weeks, schools officials were begging parents to return to help solve the lack of funding problem. Rules were amended and changed immediately and more reasonable rules to apply to real guns were enacted. Hit them where it hurts was the news story that day, in the pocket book. Fight back was the theme.

    • rick0857

      Well you may want to double check on this before going forward. After yesterdays hi-jacking of the Senate by Radical Communist Tyrants you may find yourself facing some sort of mandated attendance rules set for by the dept of indoctrination.
      This tyrannical regime is now on auto-pilot and moving at break neck speed to ram Chairman Maobama’s communistic policies down our throats. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dingy Harry try and push legislation that would make it a federal offense if parents withhold their children from the communist training centers. With the advent of communist core and the actions in the Senate yesterday the say of Congress has all but been eliminated now. Maobama can make law through his department heads and by fiat. While forcing us to challenge him in court, courts that he can now PACK with his JUDGES because it only takes 51 Senators to approve a Judge now!
      Welcome the United Socialist States of America, soon to be renamed “The Peoples Socialist States of North America”

      • Washington22

        This can’t stand. Dingy may have done it, but somethings gotta give by our side. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachmann, Alllen West and more must be working on over drive to figure a nuclear- way out of this………….

      • rick0857

        Sorry the majority can set the rules and right now Communist Democrats have the majority in the Senate. The House can do nothing in regards to the Senate.

    • Washington22

      I love this info………it’s the way to handle these ridiculous schools, their teachers and their stupid cirriculum…….parents unite and MAKE them change or else pull your kids……………

    • Ed Schofield

      “What if you eat it on wheat bread, can I call myself a “Bro” then?” Only if you eat it on black rye. Eating P&J on wheat bread would make you a racist Hispanic.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    0blama promised to be a post-racial President. Instead, he has been the MOST racial president. Antichrist-In-Chief.

  • Willie Hatless

    Well, I give up. If leftists want racism, I’ll go full-blown racist. I can’t avoid being labeled as such. Can’t even eat a friggin sandwich

  • A_patriot

    Oh, this has gone beyond ridiculous. Didn’t Americans invent the “sandwich”? As far as I know, it was an easier way to provide a meal to those working the fields late into the day. Or other jobs where getting home wasn’t possible or easy. This notion that just because someone doesn’t have something you can’t talk about it is silly. Are we all now just a bunch of wimps?

    • djc_1946

      Actually, the Earl of Sandwich in England invented it. He was a card-playing nut and didn’t want to stop to prepare a meal. His butler put meat between slices of bread and the sandwich was invented.

    • Terry

      Nope, it was an English man invented the sandwich. The Earl of Sandwich was attending a card-game tournament. He was hungry, but wanted to continue playing while eating, so he needed both hands to stay clean and he needed one hand free to hold up the cards. So he told one of the servants to fetch him some slices of roast beef and put them between two slices of bread. The other royals noted this and eventually started ordering “what the Earl of Sandwich came up with”. Eventually they just started calling it a sandwich. And thus was born the sandwich.

  • djc_1946

    The irony of it all is that these buffoons take themselves seriously. The problem of it all is that they wield enormous influence and authority. The end result of it all is a country that is sinking into the mire of political correctness and abject, utter stupidity.

  • Washington22

    Wha, wha, wha…………..something else to call racist. I’m done with their nonsense and I’m not buying what they are selling………….RACISM. They use it at every turn, it’s old and getting worn out.It’s like the boy who cried wolf. You can only do it so long and it’s lost it’s effectiveness. Well, for me, that day is here. NO MORE reacting to their crap.

  • OGICUR12

    So, why don’t they ban the “Oreo” cookie . . . everybody knows that you can’t put “White” filling between two “Black” wafers . . . now that’s racist! LOL (actually it’s pathetic)!

    • theronald

      Right, and how about moon pies?

    • Laura From Arizona

      Is the word Oreo still a slur about a black person who is “white inside”? Oh, wait, it can’t be because it’s used by blacks to insult other blacks. So, it’s okay, just like when they call each other the “n word” but whites can’t use it.

      • OGICUR12

        That’s because it’s a private club . . . one I’m glad I can’t join!


    Do not blame people for others inability to adapt and try something new. These progressives would ban Chinese food because someone cant eat it?(MSG) some people are allergic to this. Tryst the government they will care for us cradle to grave. The idea to send you to your grave as soon as you retire, because you cost them too much.
    I love my country but fear my government.

  • Burton Pauly

    What hole did this id##t crawl out of? pb&j are all american sandwiches. Her whole assumption is just asinine. And these folks are hired to teach our children. We need to oust her type from our schools.

  • Doug

    This is a joke, right. … If I were to move to Mexico (Which I never would.) I would speak Spanish, learn the culture and eat Mexican food. Anything less would be inappropriate and rude. The same should be expected of people who immigrate to the U.S.

    For the young people (Anyone under 60.) reading this post, I would recommend you reading the book: “The Ugly American”

    • URKiddinMee

      Is that a biography of our current “First Lady?”

      • pineapple

        No. If it had been a biography of our current “First Lady”, the title would have “Double Butt-ugly American.”

  • theronald

    I don’t get it – I have seen people of several races eating sandwiches in the U.S.A. How is it racist?

  • Lloydl333

    This kind of teaching is why we have young idiots that look to Obama to take care of them. They sure haven’t been tought to think. This kind of insane teacher should be given a shovel and made to go out and get shovel ready.

  • Enubus

    It is not about culture, but destroying America. These leftist pukes have infiltrated the education system since the Hippie counter-culture of the 1960s. They are like cockroaches! Americans have to go to private, Catholic, and home schooling to dump the educational disaster now called Common Core.
    So is white privilege another way of saying racism. Western Civilization was developed by white people for the most part and that is nothing to be ashamed of, unless you are a leftist puke.

  • Ed Schofield

    I am Tuscarora, one of the tribes of the Iroquois Nation. I love my ancestors’ culture and historic heritage. But I do not feel compelled to dress up in buckskins, put feathers in my hair, eat wild game I have killed myself, or spend my days clubbing Europeans over the head, even though I know my ancestors did those things. None of those things helps me deal with life today. The things that do help me today are the values — honesty, integrity, hard work, discipline, compassion for the weak, dedication to family, the belief in a superior being, and the desire to be part of something bigger than myself. Any culture that promotes those values will spawn good people who are not insulted by the knowledge that others eat or dress differently then themselves.

  • servant1jkb

    this proves absolutely a few things: Nothing is so dumb, that some will speak of it. Nor is nothing too dumb that leftist news rag will not print it. Plus nothing is too stupid that that a racist person will not think of it and use it, to further their ideology

  • derekcrane

    Liberalism, is indeed, a mental disease.

  • armydadtexas

    I am sick of the P.C. groups dictating to me what is correct vs offensive. I plan on making and eating all the Peanut and Jelly Sandwiches I desire. Left wing radical, democ-RATS are sick in the head and would be better off somewhere like say communist China. If that makes me racist, then I welcome the label. Time for another Peanut and Jelly Sandwich>>NUMMY, NUMMy you leftist sloths

  • Bravo Two Six

    This is just too ridiculous to be true. Please tell me it is just a hoax.

  • Sunshine Kid

    The Democrats keep having victorious campaigns such as this. One more will make them a lost cause.

  • Terry

    If she thinks PB&J is racist, I hate to hear what she thinks of white albacore tuna salad sandwiches are, with white mayonnaise on white bread is. LOL!!!

  • Don’t Even Try It!

    I do NOT subscribe to anything concerning pc correctness. If it is truthful and you do not slander or intentionally try to hurt someone with what you say, you are FREE to say it, PERIOD! Fuuuk the pc police!

  • shawncorrigan

    dork. you would be touchy too if i called you an idiot. especially when there is a communist around every corner,but i think you are a for real patriot vet so i think you deserve some respect for that. and maybe you can teach me something. so in regard to the question,and the question is one that i think should be a basic thing that everyone should know if they know anything about history. why did wilson take america into ww1 ?? my answer is that i am not positive , but what makes the most sense to me is the baldor agreement. in other words what i call the rothschilds complex representatives came to the english as they were about to lose the war,the french were a mess after the somme and the russians were defecting,they promised america would enter and win it,if the english would guarentee them palestine. the agreement is craftily written but the bottom line was that wilson was blackmailed and advised by bernard baruch and col.mandel house. they had goods on wilson over an affair he had while a professor in a cali university.(wilson did almost everything house told him including the federal reserve income tax etc) they used the false flag event of the sinking of the lusitania and one other ship(which had a load of munitions aboard)to get public support.
    i listened to the ‘you tube video by benjamin freedman in his 1961 speech’ ,he claims he was a insider when the federal reserve was installed. i am telling you this because i dont know anything for sure and all i want is to know what is going on right now
    . so i know if i should leave the country or fight ,these people seem to be very powerful and smart.
    could you at least listen to some of the video and tell me if you think it is for real? thanks shawn

    • Clint

      Shawncorrigan, it is possible that I could be called a dork. I have been called much worse things. What I said was, if you want people to accept you as anything but an idiot, you should change your avatar, meaning that the avatar looks very comical and not at all serious. If that offended you, then I am sorry that you misunderstood my intent.
      I can tell by your posts that you are really troubled by what you have been exposed in relation to Benjamin Freedman and WW1. Let me first say, just as there are wicked Caucasian people and wicked Chinese people and wicked people of the Black race. Long story, short, there are wicked people of every race, culture, nationality, and religious persuasion. Evil exists in all. I went to youtube and watched that video and some others and what I found would be very troubling if I didn’t know the truth already. This evil that has you troubled didn’t start with Mr. Freedman, it started long before his parents were even born. Have you ever read the Holy Bible? There is a very good reason the Bible is called the Word of God. Everything that you are now troubled by was predicted in the Bible beginning with the first two chapters of the first book, Genesis. I am well aware that there many people who would laugh at what I just proclaimed. The reason that the Bible is called the Word of God is, God wants us to not only believe what He has said, He gives us proof that it is true by telling us before it happens exactly what is going to happen. These forces that are working behind the scene have been in place since right after the beginning of creation and they will be played out as God says. A simple truth. For there to be good there has to be evil in the world in which we live. There is light and we understand that there is dark, but did you know that you don’t have to add anything to light for light to exist. Dark however, is simply the absence of light. That is why when the Sun “comes up” you no longer see dark. The light exposes the dark for what it is. It is nothing but the absence of light. Truth and falsehood are like that as well. You can’t add anything to truth to make it more true. True is an absolute. Falsehood is nothing but the absence of truth. The more that a criminal lies and adds to his lies with more lies only exposes the absence of truth in what he says. When God says something is going to happen, it will happen. We are such shortsighted creatures that we think just because something has not happened in our lifetime, therefor it is not true. No, God’s Word is true and will come to pass in God’s time and with His will. People scoff at the Bible and say that no one can understand it. That is not true. May I suggest that you begin reading the truth of what the Bible says and stop being alarmed at these conspiracy stories. There are some very wicked things going on in the world by some very wicked people, but God foretold these things long before these wicked people devised a way to do their wicked deeds. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
      You mentioned someone you considered wise or intelligent in your post who apparently directed you to these videos. Please share with me who that person is.
      In the first two chapters of Genesis God created everything that exists, including mankind, and God declared it very good. Satan was created to serve God, but satan wanted to be God so he rebelled against God and enticed mankind to rebel also. That battle of Light (good) against Dark (evil, the absence of good) started when there were only two people and it has grown steadily ever since.
      I am a Navy Veteran, 69 years old, a Patriot and Christian. Because I have placed my trust in Christ Jesus, I am not afraid of what these wicked people will do. God and truth will win in the end.
      I hope this is a help to you. You seem to be young with a life ahead of you. Trust in the Truth which is God.

      • shawncorrigan

        wow , thanks for the message ,however you need to know that i am black and white, i asked you a question and i still want to know the answer, as regards god, i dont know, is there or isnt there a god ,or devil ? as regards the smart people, i think you misunderstood me,what i meant is that these people who have some control of the world ,i call them rothschilds complex are smart and powerful. they seem to be obsessed with power and even comb the planet with the rhodes foundation looking for the brightest people in order to use them to maintain their grip. clinton was one.
        when i have more time i will read your message better and try my best to consider the points you make. i have studied the bible even though i dont believe in god.
        i always try to stick to the constitution and i respect what i think franklin said”the republic will not stand unless the people have a moral compass”i think the bible helps with that ,however they also said that freedom of what a man believes is his right. so many times i have religious people unable to allow me that privilege.
        someday if we become friends i would like to challenge you on some basic questions. like greed is bad. why? or selfishness ,i am selfish , im just being honest.
        do you think you live to serve, i dont. i live for me. i only give because i want to. but we can save those questions for another time.
        i have to tell you i love the navy.i joined the ana and met many vets who helped me redo my inaccurate history understanding. ill finish later ,
        you may be right about the avatar but i think you will want to borrow the diving helmet when you are surrounded with commy bullshiit . thanks again for the thoughtful comment. shawn

      • Clint

        You are welcome, and by the way, it doesn’t matter to me if you are green with pink polka dots for freckles, and I have it on good authority that Jesus wasn’t white either. ;<) Looking forward to the discussion.

  • pat

    She should be more concerned about jumping the border and the cost to us which is taking away from the US and the people who waited years to come to the US the right way

  • johnsnare

    I guess if you prefer Vanilla ice cream over chocolate ice cream, you are a racist.