It is funny to see liberals fail and try to blame conservatives for their failures.
Check it out:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Democrats running for re-election in red states who had supported Obamacare are now “scurrying like little rats” away from the law they had championed.

On Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Palin said “a lot of those Democrats who had been supporting Obamacare” are now “running for re-election in their states where a Republican governor” opted out of the exchanges.

After blasting the “squishy” Republicans who would not fully support measures to get rid of the law, Palin said “Democrats are running for political” cover and “scurrying like little rats.” She said many Democrats, like Alaska Senator Mark Begich, had ads running in their states supporting Obamacare and telling their constituents the law would work. She specifically blasted Begich, who is up for re-election in 2014, “for talking out of both sides of your mouth because you’re running ads in your home state” supporting Obamacare.

Two days after Palin made her remarks, Democrats pressured President Barack Obama to make administrative fixes to allow Americans who have lost their insurance plans to keep them for another year.

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