Obama’s Fraud was Bigger Than Madoff’s

Obama is the biggest fraud of all time.
Check it out:

It is arguable now who committed the greater fraud, Bernie Madoff or Barack Obama. Madoff defrauded a few. This is defrauding the entire country. The president of the United States lied to the entire country on the most important thing to people, their health care and their current plan, and remember, now, I want to try this one more time. His number one selling point that he repeated over and over again for three solid years was: “You like your plan, you keep it.” There’s an obvious question that derives from that. Well, then why change anything?

If everybody can keep their plan or keep their doctor if they like it, then what the hell is wrong with health care? If that’s what it took to get your vote, if that’s what it took to get your support for Obama — you like your plan, you keep it — then what was wrong? Why do we need Obamacare? “Well, there’s 30 million uninsured.” Oh. How are we gonna insure ’em? It turns out they’re not even gonna be insured after all of this. But this lie, you like your doctor, you can keep it, the premium comes down $2,500, you like your policy, you keep that, that’s why this lie is so bad. It’s because he lied about the most important fundamental truth of Obamacare, which is you can’t keep your plan, you can’t keep your doctor, by definition.

They aren’t going to exist under Obamacare. And he knew it, and his Regime knew it and it’s in the Federal Register. They knew that 93 million Americans were gonna lose their policies, their current plans that they like. Obama, in 2010 — I’ve got the sound bite here — even admitted to people that what’s happening now was gonna happen. He even admitted that people right off the bat were gonna lose their insurance. He even admitted it. But that’s just a tip of the iceberg. There’s nobody that gets to keep their plan. You don’t have Obamacare if you have that. You are mandated to have Obamacare. Obamacare is not your current plan, by definition. And that illustrates the scope of that lie and why it is out and out fraud.

This is not just a political promise of promising to cut your taxes and then figuring out we don’t have the money for it. This is over the top, purposeful, willful fraud, because he knew that his legislative plan, his health care reform plan could not work if everybody kept what they had and didn’t change anything. If there’s no reason to change, then why are we doing Obamacare? Now more and more doctors are dropping out of this and refusing to play ball. It is an absolute nightmare. But, again, all of that plays right into the ultimate objective: government running everything.



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