Obama’s Endgame: Everyone on Medicaid

Big government for everyone is the goal.
Check it out:

You know, I spent a lot of time in the third hour on Friday explaining why everybody’s premiums are going to skyrocket because the number one demographic for Obamacare is not signing up. That’s the Millennials. The whole thing hinges, Obamacare really hinges on people between 18 and 35 signing up. The theory is that they’re young, they’re healthy, and they’re working — and they, like everybody else, want health care.

They’ve been scared into believing that one hacking cough could lead to bankruptcy. This is how dumb the people that wrote this plan are, is my point. This is how dumb they are. They devise a scheme whereby the premiums of Millennials are necessary for the whole thing to work. The Millennials — young, healthy, paying high premiums by law but making no claim (i.e., not accessing health care, i.e.) are to be paying a lot of money in but not having any spent on them because they’re healthy.

Those premiums were then to subsidize the sick and the elderly and so forth. But there are two things. The people that wrote this plan also wrote that half of that group can stay on their parents’ policy ’til they’re 26. Now, what kind of brain does that? You have here a plan that requires people between 18 and 35 signing up and paying a higher-than-normal premium, and yet on the other hand you write that they can stay on their parents’ policy ’til they’re 26.



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