Obama’s Base Won’t Abandon Him

Liberals love their handouts.
Check it out:

Okay. So look at this, folks. This is from The Daily Caller, and the headline: “Swing Voters Have Turned Against Obama, Says New Poll — A new poll shows that non-ideological swing voters have walked away from President Barack Obama, which could sharply reduce his political influence and power.” This is an Ed Goeas poll. You know, he’s half of the Battleground Poll with Celinda Lake, and he’s a good pollster. He did this poll with Brian Nienaber, and it’s a poll of 1,000 likely voters, 60% swing voters, unfavorable image of Obama. Thirty-six percent favorable. It is the George Washington University Battleground Poll released yesterday.

Swing voters, I don’t want to insult ’em here, but that’s what I’m talking about, low-information voters, the non-base. Obama’s base, I’m telling you, the Daily Kos kids, all these people out there, these Democrat Underground type sites, they’re applauding Obama lying. Whatever it takes to beat us. The fact that he told this big a lie and got away with it and got health care, that makes him a superhero to them. The more deceitful you get away with being, the bigger Obama is to his base, folks. Remember, they’re radicals. They’re irrational, off the wall, deadbeat radicals. He’s never gonna lose them. But there’s a reason he’s at 39%, and it’s these nonideological types that believed everything he said.



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