Big government controlling every aspect of your life.
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Heritage expert Daren Bakst has explained that Obamacare’s menu labeling regulation will be costly and time-consuming for businesses and that the government has no evidence that it would have any benefits. On top of those negatives, why is Obamacare trying to regulate what people are eating?

“The FDA tries to justify the rule by claiming that consumers make misinformed decisions at restaurants,” Bakst wrote. As usual, Obamacare assumes that big government knows best. In fact, Bakst says the FDA is using the rule as a power grab to regulate grocery stores, convenience stores, and other businesses that have little to do with restaurants.

But that big-government approach helps no one. It’s only hurting Americans’ livelihoods and communities.

“I am so busy. I am raising four children. I am in my community. I am working very hard at running this company,” Carraway said. “To think that I have to deal with these things on the side, and continually have to be putting more money into things that are really of no importance, and of no value to the consumer—and really not anything that they’re wanting, looking at, using—it’s just kind of senseless to me.”

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