Obamacare Will Get Much, Much Worse

Some people are still waiting to see what their new premiums will be next year.
Check it out:

Betsy McCaughey — who’s one of the ranking analysts of socialist medicine, socialized medicine, be it Hillarycare or Obamacare — has a piece at Investors.com, the old Investor’s Business Daily, and headline of the piece says, “Think Obamacare Is Bad Now? It Gets Worse Next Year.” Okay, now, what gets worse next year?

Well, here’s how she starts the piece: “‘Substandard’ and ‘cut-rate’ is what President Obama calls the health plans that millions of Americans have lost, even though they wanted to keep them. Backpedaling on his promise that ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan,’ Obama is now telling Americans another whopper: The insurance they can get on Obamacare exchanges is a better deal. Don’t believe him. On the exchanges, you may no longer be able to use the doctors and hospitals you prefer.

“Many exchange plans exclude the top-drawer academic hospitals like Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and New York Presbyterian in New York City. Instead, the law says exchange plans must cover care at ‘essential community providers … that serve predominantly low-income, medically underserved individuals.'” That’s from the law itself. “That means clinics, public hospitals and hospitals largely serving the Medicaid community” is where the majority of exchange plans will work.

You do not get the top-drawer hospitals and clinics. Those are reserved for people who will pay out of their pocket and will not have insurance. “Yet the president claims that people losing their health plans and having to sign up on the exchanges will be getting a better deal,” and he is. That’s what Jay Carney was trying to say yesterday, as they continue to lie about this law. It’s just astounding. They are compounding their one lie with another.



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