The Obamacare Website is Dangerous

Liberals are dangerous. Especially when they have power.
Check it out:

Remember, folks, the big news on the website, 30 to 40% of it hasn’t even been built. Now, they had basically $650 million in three years to put together the website of their dreams, national socialized medicine. The website of their dreams.

They had $650 million and three years, and 30, 40% of it is not even done, hasn’t even been built. And the IT experts are saying it’s already been hacked. Do not input your data. Stay away from it. It’s a massive data collection sponge for the government, and it’s already been hacked. It is something to stay away from. Only 27,000 Americans have purchased something there. The Regime is making up this 106,000 number. And the 40% that hasn’t been built, that’s the part that tells you what it costs. He-he-he. So you never see what you’re buying or what you’re paying.



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