The Obamacare Numbers: Millions Have Lost Insurance

What a failure. No one is signing up for ObamaCare, and current policies are going down the drain.
Check it out:

There have been 100 cancellations for every person who’s signed up for Obamacare, not 10 cancellations. It’s 100 cancellations for every person who’s signed up. And, again, you figure that every person signing up is not just one, and every person being canceled is not just one, that you at least have a spouse and a child in there.

You might have a family of four. I’m gonna use a family of three as an average number here to get to what we’re really talking about. We’re talking about 15 million people who’ve had their policies canceled, if you figure three people per cancellation. ‘Cause it’s five million cancellations compared to 50,000 sign-ups. But I’m gonna add three people to each of those categories. Because we’re talking at least families of two to four here, so I’m just gonna use a family of three.

That gives us 15 million people uninsured.

It gives us about anywhere from 200,000 to 300,000 newly uninsured, people who’ve actually closed the deal in their shopping carts. What this means is… When did this thing go live, October 1st? Here we are in November 12th, so basically in six weeks the regime has created almost 15 million uninsured to go along with the 30 million uninsured that they were gonna fix. We start this whole stupid process in order to provide insurance for the uninsured. What was the number the regime threw out?



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