So Palin was right?
Check it out:

Haven’t we been told, ladies and gentlemen, for years that Obamacare is literally a matter of life and death? It was. And yet it wasn’t important enough to even test the website, not even once. It wasn’t important enough to make sure they got it right. Isn’t that peculiar?

I mentioned Rahm Emanuel’s brother, Ezekiel Emanuel. He was on Fox News Sunday yesterday. He said the individual insurance market is going away. Meaning, it’s okay that Obamacare has made it impossible for insurance companies to continue to provide coverage for individuals, ’cause they’re drying up anyway. But that’s not true. They’re just now in their old CYA mode. “It’s all drying up anyway. The fact that you can’t find insurance, that’s not a big deal. It was part of the plan.” But think about what he’s saying.

Obamacare was supposed to get people who don’t have insurance to sign up for it. That, in fact, is why the evil insurance companies all bought into it, ’cause they saw a mandate out there that 30 million people who didn’t have insurance were gonna have to go get it, and pay for it. Somebody was gonna pay for it. That’s how the insurance companies got roped in. Obama promised ’em, “I’m gonna make sure the uninsured get insured, they’re gonna pay for it,” and it’s become a federal mandate. So the evil insurance companies signed on to it, and that’s what Obamacare was largely supposed to do, insure the uninsured.

Well, if you don’t have insurance right now, what that means is in more cases than not that you don’t have an employer plan. And what that means is, you have to get an individual plan. So what is Obamacare doing? It’s destroying the only kind of plans people without insurance ever get. And nobody seems to be noticing except the people who are being canceled and then can’t find a replacement because it’s too expensive.

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