Obamacare: You Have No Choice

Obama’s lies don’t seem to bother liberals.
Check it out:

There was no way, if Obama succeeds in reforming health care in his vision, that you get to keep your plan. He was lying to you from the first time he ever told you that you could keep your plan, because if everybody kept their plans, there would be no Obamacare reform. And there would be no government control of the health care system, and there would be no single payer, and there would be no Obama in charge of everything.

So you were never, ever gonna keep your plan. It was not possible. That’s the scope of this lie. Nobody was going to keep their plan. Everybody has to lose what they have and be moved to something else. Otherwise there is no Obamacare. Obamacare is not the status quo. Obamacare is not no change. Obamacare is not, “You like your doctor, you keep it.” Obamacare is not, “You like your policy, you keep it.” Obamacare is not, “Your premium will go down $2,500.”

Obamacare is, by requirement, you lose your policy. Obamacare is, by requirement and by law, you don’t get to keep your doctor. Obamacare is, by law, going to be far more expensive for everybody. It must be this way. Obamacare cannot happen if you keep your policy, if you keep your doctor. Obamacare cannot happen if your premium and your deductible and your out-of-pocket are less than what you’re paying now. It simply isn’t possible, and it never was possible. So you never were going to keep your plan. The only way Obamacare works is if everybody or the vast majority lose their plans and are then mandated and required by law, under penalty of law, of finding another plan.

The purpose, the intent is to make it so expensive and so arduous and so complex and so impossible to comply with that you eventually throw up your hands in frustration and beg for the government to get all these middle-level players out of there and just take over. The ultimate plan is to have you demanding single payer. The original intent was to get rid of private sector insurance companies, just wipe out the entire private sector insurance industry, making it impossible for anybody to find insurance anywhere but a government exchange.



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