Obama Woos Liberal Journalists With Another Off-The-Record Meeting

Liberals protecting their own.
Check it out:

On Thursday, Fox News’ Ed Henry tweeted that MSNBC hosts Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell, as well as Ezra Klein of the Washington Post and Fox News’ Juan Williams, had been invited for a private off-the-record chat with President Obama. Obama’s signature program, Obamacare, has been flailing in the press for weeks, and Obama apparently believes that it is about time to reshift the narrative.

Juan Williams refused to describe what Obama himself said, but he did state that the White House is in “full fight mode over the Affordable Healthcare Act right now.” He added, “They feel as if they had a major systems failure, a major management failure, and they’re trying to get back on track.” Williams said that the biggest messaging issue has related to President Obama’s lie that if Americans wanted to keep their health insurance plans, they could. “There is frustration, that’s clear from everybody who I was talking to this morning at the White House,” Williams concluded.



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