Obama Violates “Law of the Land”

Laws mean nothing to Obama.
Check it out:

The Regime has just announced that it will not launch online enrollment in Obamacare for small business until November, 2014, in another delay for Obamacare. Now, this is in the law. This, again, is the president acting outside the boundaries of the law. The president just cannot willy-nilly do this, unless nobody tries to stop him.

So he just said, “You know what? We’re not gonna run the risk of 100 million cancellations in small business before the election, so we’re gonna delay the online enrollment, the website’s mandatory enrollment for small business until after the elections next year. And, of course, the Drive-By Media is tweeting this all over the place now. Ron Fournier, National Journal, “Another delay, another setback, another sign of mismanagement of Obamacare.”

Yeah, Ron. Yeah, it’s “mismanagement” by Obama. There’s nothing “mismanagement” about this at all. This is a studious, purposeful, strategic effort to keep people from understanding what they’re going to be hit with until after the election. It’s not mismanagement. The small business site was supposed to be ready this Sunday. This Sunday, the small business site was to be up and running. Now it’s delayed until November, 2014, after the elections.



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