Obama Mocked GOP for “Crazy” Obamacare Predictions — Now He’s Desperate to Save Himself

Conservatives are being shown to be prophets on ObamaCare.
Check it out:

Let’s flashback, ladies and gentlemen, to two months ago, September 26th. I have an Associated Press story here. The headline of the AP story on September 26th was “Obama Mocks GOP for ‘Crazy’ Obamacare Predictions.” The GOP, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, everyone oriented in that direction were all predicting exactly this. Obama mocked those predictions, and everything’s come to pass.

You know, folks, yesterday and two days ago and a month ago/two months ago, the plan that you liked but you had to get rid of because of the Obamacare law was “substandard.” That’s why you had to get rid of it. It was substandard. It was placing your life at risk. You were just one disease away from bankruptcy or ruination. Notice that you now get to keep your substandard plan. You get to keep your substandard policy.

You get to keep what they were saying yesterday and the day before and last month was a horrible plan that you had to get rid of it. You had to cancel it because it doesn’t work. Well, you liked it nevertheless. So now what was deplorable and substandard and undoable, all of a sudden has been reinstated. But note that while you have the option to go get your old plan, there’s nothing about getting the same premium, was there?

That’s because you’re not going to be able to get the same premium.

See, there’s a problem. The problem is there is something that is the law now, and it’s Obamacare, and it has specific requirements vis-a-vis the insurance industry, and Obama — willy-nilly — is just cherry-picking elements that he wants to change while leaving other aspects of the law intact, which puts what he wants to do willy-nilly in total legal conflict with the other aspects of the law, and nobody is going to know how to reconcile those conflicts.

What was done today of course a purely political move designed to make you think that the president has dictatorial powers to your benefit. He has found out that you like your plan, and so you’re gonna get to keep that plan. But again: Yesterday, the day before, it was substandard, because it didn’t provide for birth control or other forms of contraception. It didn’t provide the mandates that Obamacare requires your policy to have.



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