The Obama Magic is Gone

The magic was always from ignorant liberals anyway.
Check it out:

The magic is gone from Obama now. He does not have the ability any longer to get away with things that he did, certainly in his first term. Now, he’s not changing the way he’s going about anything, and Obama doesn’t think he’s in any trouble, but there aren’t nearly as many people being bamboozled, fooled, madly in love with Obama.

You know, folks, I read the tech blogs. And there has been a massive falling out with Obama and the high-tech community in Silicon Valley. It’s not about any of this. It’s not about health care. It’s not about their taxes. They’re ticked off that their privacy has been corrupted by the NSA. They think Snowden is a hero. They’re just livid at Obama. They’re writing about it. They can’t believe that Obama would do this. They can believe Bush would do it. They can believe Nixon would, but they cannot believe that Obama is collecting their private data and bragging about it. Just little things.



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