Obama Drops to 39% Approval in Gallup as the Pundits Struggle to Explain His Lies

These polls are pointless since we have seen that liberals can buy the vote with promises of handouts.
Check it out:

Here it is at Gallup, the Daily Presidential Approval Poll. Obama’s at 39%, and the disapproval number is 53%. Now, somebody is being polled here. Somebody is responsible for these results. Somebody. A lot of people are telling Gallup that they don’t think much of Obama right now and his presidency. These numbers have gotten steadily worse since this Obamacare rollout, folks. That’s where you can trace this to.

The rollout, the website, now the revelation of these public trust-busting lies again about something that is deeply personal to people. I’ll tell you, it’s something so simple to understand, too. There’s no question that this is a lie. There’s no question this website’s a disaster. There’s no question that people’s health care is a mess. There is no question it’s getting more expensive. There’s no question it’s gonna be less available.

There’s no question that there are more questions than ever about it. What do you do when you get a cancellation notice? You get a cancellation notice, and it’s the most important thing in your life because the Democrat Party has made it that. You’re just one paycheck away from financial ruin. Obama said it again yesterday. I mean, you’ve just been canceled. You don’t have insurance as of January. What do you do?

You may as well be told you don’t have it now. If you get sick and you’re gonna get canceled in January, are they gonna cover you now? Don’t tell me people aren’t thinking like that. They’re worried to death about it, and all this from a guy who promised them the exact opposite on every aspect of this. There’s a reason he’s been at 42 and 43%. There’s a reason he’s at 39%. The media’s not gonna make a big deal of this because they’re gonna try to rescue him. Make no mistake about it.



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