Obama has his Bush moment

Obama is the polar opposite of Bush.
Check it out:

President Obama ran in 2008 as the polar opposite of President George W. Bush, promising to bring competence and change to Washington.

Five years later, Obama finds himself with poll numbers strikingly similar to those of his predecessor at this point in his presidency, and with real worries that all of the hopes for his second term are over.

The focal point of the president’s problems is ObamaCare, the legislative centerpiece of his first term. The worry for the White House is that persistent problems with the rollout could define his presidency the way the Iraq War and the Katrina response defined Bush’s.

The fall of 2005 led to a terrible 2006 for Bush, who saw his party lose majorities in the House and Senate that fall. Democrats worry 2014 could be a tough year for Obama that could conclude with them losing the Senate.

Supporters of Obama acknowledge certain parallels and worry that the latest rash of healthcare headlines will not only tarnish the second term, but the president’s legacy.



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