Obama asks supporters to hang tough on health care

Just hang in there liberals! They’ll have the total take over done in no time.
Check it out:

President Obama attempted to buck up the spirit of grassroots organizers on Monday following several weeks of bad news over the troubled roll-out of his signature health care law.

Speaking to more than 200 organizers and activists gathered by Organizing for Action, the political group founded by high-ranking alumni of his two political campaigns, Obama began an effort to reframe the public conversation over the Affordable Care Act that has been overshadowed by the problems with the roll-out.

“Don’t lose sight of why you got involved in this thing in the first place,” Obama told supporters. It was the first of several events in the coming days that he and other administration officials will take part in to encourage uninsured Americans to sign up through the government-run exchanges. “We did it for every mother who is desperate because of a child’s pre-existing condition. We did it for every hard-working American who is forced to … hang their fortunes on chance.”



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