NYC Elects a Communist Mayor

NYC will get what it deserves. They will be the next Detroit with this election.
Check it out:

What do you think Bloomberg was? He was a liberal Democrat from the get-go who just called himself a Republican so he wouldn’t have to be in a crowded primary and so he could trade on Rudy’s coattails. Man, but this de Blasio guy. This guy, there’s no disguise. This guy’s not wearing camouflage. He’s not trying to make anybody think that he isn’t what he is. It’s victory for liberals. I mean, this guy is just up front, no hiding, no camouflage, no mask.

He’s a Sandinista.

He’s communist,

I’m telling you, he’s a communist.

Let’s just get right down to it. That’s what he is. He’s a communist. Everything’s “the collective.” Let’s just be honest about what this guy is. There’s no two ways about it, and 60% of the vote went for him, and they know it. (interruption) Yeah, he’s gonna get rid of stop-and-frisk, so the question is how far for the crime rate will go up. Well, they won’t call it crime. They’ll call it socioeconomic circumstances, leveling things out. He’s not gonna call it crime.

When the poor start committing crime against the rich, steal money, it’s gonna be applauded. It ain’t gonna be crime. They’ll say the crime rate’s going down. This is just people getting even for a lifetime worth of discrimination. This is called redistribution of wealth, and he’s gonna say he applauds it. He didn’t have to do it, no middleman. If the poor want their money, just go steal it.



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