N-Word Controversy is Another Example of the Liberal Takeover of American Sports

What happened to equal rights? Either everybody can use the word, or nobody can use the word. We can’t live in a country where you can use certain words based upon the color of your skin.
Check it out:

Do you know, folks, there’s actually a debate going on at ESPN and throughout the sports world over who can use the N-word when and how, and who can’t when and how? (interruption) No, and this is just part of the whole thing of turning me off to football and sports in general. In the first place, you have this generation of journalists from the coddled generation. I think some players, too.

We’re getting to the point now where people covering sports and playing in it have come from this coddled generation where nobody’s ever supposed to say anything mean. Nobody’s ever supposed to do anything mean. Nobody’s ever supposed to disrespect. We’re all supposed to go get together with Conflict Resolution 101. Some NFL player for the Redskins the other day or last night after the game was talking about how mean the ref was calling him names and so forth.

You have Jonathan Martin of the Dolphins now with Posttraumatic Distress Disorder over hazing and so forth or what’s been going on. I’m not defending any of this ’cause I don’t know what happened. But the nature of the complaints and the all-out attack — and I don’t think this is even arguable. There is an attack on masculinity that’s been going on in our culture since the advent of the modern era of feminism, the late sixties and early seventies.

They’re trying to take out the actual realities of life and the way people are built to sanitize everything, and you can’t. Now we’re getting into this televised discussion of who can and who can’t use the N-word and how. Let me just give you three examples of this — and, frankly, this is just reprehensible to me. Call me a fuddy-duddy if you want, but I will not sit around and watch this kind of stuff.



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