We’re in the Midst of a National Disaster

Obama is a disaster. Liberal policies are a disaster. One day our country will wake up and realize that the takers outnumber the makers and have nothing left.
Check it out:

Let’s see where we are here. We have 48, 49% of Americans on food stamps, or is it 49 million on food stamps? It’s million, not percent, though. It’s million, right? Okay. So let’s just say 48 or 49 million on food stamps. We have 91.5 million Americans not working. By the way, that’s not even counting the unemployment number. That 91 million, they’re out of the labor force. They’re gone. It’s 91.5 million Americans not working and 48 million on food stamps.

The amount of jobs, the number of jobs percentage that have been converted from full time to part time is overwhelming, and the Associated Press says that 444,000 additional Americans on Medicaid is a success story? What this means is that more and more Americans are living in poverty. Medicaid is not Medicare. Medicare is health care for the elderly and the seasoned citizens. Medicaid is for the poor. How in the world…?

What kind of perspective must you have to equate 444,000 new Medicaid recipients with success? This is a national disaster! This is 91.5 million human beings not working.

There isn’t work for them, and 48 million on food stamps. The percentage of people on Medicare? I think the number I saw was that at one time or another 70 million people are on Medicaid for a month or two ’cause they can’t afford anything else.

There’s nothing successful about any of this. This is a national disaster that is happening to this country. And for the AP to run around and have as their lead story today, which is gonna be all over the news sources for the low-information news consumer, a success story, 444,000 people sign up for the health care plan for the poor? What in the world is successful about that? (New Castrati impression) “Mr. Limbaugh, this just goes to show that you have no compassion. The reason it’s a success is the 444,000 people who wouldn’t have health care, have it.”




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