Media Pushes Lie That “Dallas and the South Killed JFK,” When Oswald was a Marxist Communist from New Orleans

Liberals never seem to understand the truth.
Check it out:

So here we are, the actual 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, and the Drive-Bys are in full anniversary mode today for a host of reasons. I’ll tell you, no matter where you look, the focus is on how racist and bigoted and extremist Dallas was — and, now today, they’re even adding the whole South into the mixture, which everybody knows was the case back then. But they’re linking it to the assassination of Kennedy.

This is what the left has done since he was assassinated. They’ve erased from their and everybody else’s memories that a communist was the assassin. And they have replaced “a communist” with “America.” America basically killed the president. And that has been a major turning point for the Democrat Party and the American left 50 years ago, when they really went full bore on blaming America, simply because they could not accept the fact that a brother communist had killed the president.

And the further point of all of this coverage is the same point that exists every day in the media, and that is to demonize conservatives, demonize the South — I mean, if you just went by the news reports today, the whole city of Dallas got up on November 22nd, 50 years ago, to shoot Kennedy, that there was a race on, and Oswald just happened to get there first, but the whole city wanted Kennedy shot. It was so bad that the Dallas Cowboys were talking about it in their locker room all week, according to a show hosted by Bob Costas on an NBC cable network. Can you believe it? The Dallas Cowboys locker room was worried that Kennedy was going to be assassinated by right-wing kooks.



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