“If You Like Your School; You Can Keep Your School. Period..”

More reasons to keep your kids out of government schools.
Check it out:

Common Core is as dangerous and destructive to this country as ObamaCare – perhaps more – because of the way it infects young children and has the effect of disenfranchising parents from their own offspring. These are the big ones, folks: ObamaCare and Common Core are the locking of the gulag fence at the end of our sixty-year boogie down Socialist Blvd. The only question is: Will they be a wakeup call or was Marx right when he warned of the seeds of destruction?

In a nutshell: Common Core is a Federal program which seeks to standardize education across the nation – one curriculum for everyone – so every kid gets the same marching orders out of the central government in Washington. In other words, take decisions about schooling out of the hands of local educators, remove parental input, ignore regional differences, take out any hope of competition, innovation, the hope of charter schools, choice, responsibility, accountability and teach everyone the same thing the same way..

Yeah, that always works.



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