My big question is why is the federal government still holding documents secret about this?
Check it out:

Although conspiracy theories abound as to who orchestrated President John F. Kennedy’s murder 50 years ago, there is little doubt regarding who actually pulled the trigger and shot the 35th president: left-wing radical Lee Harvey Oswald.
This fact escapes most of the liberal media members who often attribute Kennedy’s death to conservatives or “right-wing hate.”
For instance, the New York Times recently published an article called, “The City With a Death Wish in its Eye,” in which the author, James McAuley, called Dallas the “city of hate,” a city that “willed the death of a president.”
This bizarre and un-factual conclusion has been peddled for many years, especially by left-wing politicos that attempt to paint every conservative political movement as a diabolical conspiracy to kill liberal politicians.
The Warren Commission, the official government investigation into the JFK assassination, claimed that Oswald acted alone, but did little to explain his motivations other than describing him as essentially a sociopath with an overbearing mother and a history of anti-social behavior.

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