Krauthammer: Liberalism on verge of ‘collapse’

Hopefully liberals don’t take the country with them.
Check it out:

On Tuesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer insisted the divide within the Republican Party has been exaggerated, adding that Republicans disagree over strategy but not ideology.

“[I] think this whole thing is as you say very much blown up by the liberal media because it’s a great dramatic story,” Krauthammer said. “But here’s the fundamental contradiction. I think this analysis is wrong. It’s fundamentally wrong for this reason: The difference between what are being called the hard right and the moderates, the RINOs and the true believers, is really one over tactics rather than over ideology and objectives.

Let me give you one example. Is there a disagreement — a fundamental disagreement between one faction and another — over Paul Ryan’s radical reform of Medicare? I would say no. What we’re talking about is whether it was a good idea to shut down the government. Whether it’s a good idea to adopt a tactic here, a tactic there. On objectives you tell me what is the fundamental difference between the so-called moderates and radicals. I don’t see it. We all agree — let me just say one thing. We all agree on limited government. We all agree on restoration of individual rights. We all agree on liberty being the central ideal. We agree on restoration of individual responsibility and initiative. Where’s the big difference?”



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