Knockout players are rabid animals that need to be put down

Hard to argue with this. When do people cross the line and just become pure evil? This obviously is well past the point.
Check it out:

The title clearly states my feelings toward the matter. In case you aren’t aware of the “game” knockout, it basically consists of striking an unsuspecting person on the street and trying to quite literally knock them out in one punch. Man, woman or child, it does not matter to the reprobates and vile scumbags who engage in the activity.

Not only is the act itself reprehensible and cowardly, the punch along with the immediate aftermath can be deadly.

Below are a few incidents of the act captured on camera. Be warned, it can be disturbing if you still consider the people who are doing this as people instead of animals. I think about it in the same sense as watching “When Animals Attack” type shows, it makes it a little easier to digest.



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