‘Knockout Game’ is no laughing matter, must be KO’ed

Pretty sick. Looks like this is the newest racist thing for black kids to beat up white folks. These cowards don’t even have the honor to face someone in fair fight as they just sucker punch their victims unaware.
Check it out:

Look at this. Take a close look. Do you know what is going on? That is young African-American teenagers viciously and gratuitously attacking a random victim, a teacher, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Now, this violent act is what the teens where this is happening laughingly call “The Knockout Game.”

This is no game. It’s a mean, dangerous and a deadly crime. Already, one man hit has died from the so-called “Knockout Game.” That’s murder.

It’s hard to think it could be worse, even more degrading, but it might be because lots of other teens know about this “Knockout Game.” They have even been interviewed laughing about it, laughing like they don’t get that this is wrong. Instead, acting like it’s funny. Funny, really? They think it’s funny?

The Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Pres. Obama must speak out on deadly, growing trend among African-American teens

More on this sick game:



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