Joe Biden: The Arbiter of Cool?

How liberals have been able to demonize the idea of fiscal conservatism is really astonishing.
Check it out:

So they’re attacking the Tea Party. Everybody is scared of the Tea Party. The Republicans are scared of the Tea Party, the Democrats are scared of the Tea Party. They’re scared of Ted Cruz, they’re scared of Mike Lee, they’re scared of Rubio, they’re scared now of Cuccinelli. They’ve always been scared of Sarah Palin. But, you know, this attempt here to portray the Tea Party as a bunch of old-fashioned fuddy-duddies? I find it interesting.

Do you know what the left’s absorption with global warming really is? It’s anti-progress. The left has determined that any progress is filthy and polluting and disgusting and must be stopped, and if there is any group of people that want to turn back the clock and reduce progress and technological advancement (particularly the area global warming) it’s these people. These people are the great people of progress? They can’t even set up a website, for crying out loud!

We gave these people $600 million-plus in three years, and they can’t set up a website, and they are the progressives? They are on the cutting edge of societal evolution? These people want windmills, for crying out loud! They want to go back to foregone days, long-ago days, solar, all of these things that are just unproductive. They want to go back to horse manure in the streets, in effect. If there’s any group of people that wants to roll back progress, it’s the American left, particularly with their devotion to global warming.

But I love this characterization, the way they’re trying to scare people about the Tea Party. The only thing they’re right about in that regard is that — they in the Tea Party — we, I’ll include myself. We believe in the traditions and institutions that define the country. All these people are trying to do is save this country. They’re just trying to save our culture. They’re trying to save our society. They’re trying to save the Constitution. They’re trying to save individual liberty and freedom.



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