What the heck. Does illegal mean nothing anymore? How if you aren’t here legally can you get anything! Liberal logic never makes any sense.
Check it out:

As of December 3, the State of Illinois will begin accepting applications from illegal aliens for state issued driver’s licenses. State officials estimate as many as 500,000 illegal aliens currently living in the state could apply for the licenses.

Governor Pat Quinn signed the law which created the “temporary visitor driver’s license” almost a year ago.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Supporters say the change will make Illinois roads safer because immigrants will undergo driver’s tests and be required to have insurance for the license to be valid.

Critics fear fraud and abuse, with some lawmakers saying immigrants living here illegally should be fingerprinted to qualify. Immigrant rights organizations fought back on that idea, arguing that it would deter participation among a population that often is distrustful of law enforcement and other government agencies.

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