Home-School Mom Worries About College

Pretty interesting conversation about the liberal influences in life.
Check it out:

Julie, I know you’re still out there. I want to say one more thing. I think there’s something key to explain your 18-year-old who’s wavering. You said he went off to college. Okay, so you have treated him to an education based on your Christian and traditionalist curriculum, and then he gets to college and he finds out that it’s laughed at. He’s made fun of by his professors and by a lot of students, and he hears about the low-information crowd.

So he thinks, “What’s the point?” He probably sitting there thinking he’s in a minority, and he’s not hip and not cool because of all of this. So he’s thinking, “What’s it worth?” You cannot let the good foundation that you’ve laid here go to waste. He’s just at an age now — and a place, college — where what you’ve taught him is under assault. Everything he’s learned, he’s gonna be forced to question.

You need to sit him down and tell him that he’s under assault in this way and that the people doing this are really afraid of people like him for reasons that he may not understand. They don’t want limits on morality. They don’t want anybody being in charge of what’s right or wrong. They don’t value American traditions, and he does. He’s got to understand that, as such, they’re not interested in getting along with him. They’re not interested in learning what he thinks.

They wants to get rid of what he believes because it constitutes a threat to the little cocoon they’ve built for them to live in. His education means something, and at some point he’s gonna find people who are like-minded. A lot of these students that he’s with now will grow out of this. Not all of them, but a lot of them do as they get older. But, you know, motivating people is a challenging thing. It’s an individual effort, really.

There are some generic things you could do that would motivate and inspire people, but you know your son better than anybody else does, and I’m sure you know some of the things that have worked in motivating him. But you’ve somehow got to explain this to him. You’ve gotta explain the value of what he’s become and what he believes, to him and the country and everything else. He’s gotta almost become, you know, stiff spined and an evangel about it.

But it’s all about the kind of country he’s gonna grow into and have and perhaps lead one way or another, and then the best thing to do is say, “Look, I wasn’t wasting my time, Son. This stuff matters. It’s important. It’ll stand you well the rest of your life. It’s how you want to live,” and you have gotta assure him that he’s gonna encounter people just like that if he doesn’t give up on this.

He’s not gonna be surrounded by people that are threatened by him his whole life.



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