The Government Isn’t Capable of Caring

The one thing government cares about is control.
Check it out:

So with all this pain being inflicted without care or remorse, the FDA now comes along and says, “Guess what? More headed your way. We’re gonna ban trans fats.” Why now? Why now? “Oh, because we want to make people think the government cares about you and your health. That’s what it is. Yes, we’re gonna ban trans fats because that’s how we show we care about you.” I know, it’s the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Two people, three people with a fax machine and a logo.

They are the people behind this, a bunch of silly, left-wing communists. Busybodies. You ever see one of them? They look like walking skeletons. They’re the people that got MSG banned. They’re the ones that got coconut oil banned from movie theater popcorn. It’s a bunch of busybodies, and it’s none of their damn business what you or I eat. But because it gives Democrats control over the way you live, they are supported.

So now we’re gonna ban trans fats, because you don’t know what’s good for you, and the government does, — and the government loves you. The government cares about you. The government is really, really worried about you not knowing how to live. So we’re gonna take away things from you that you might use or eat that could hurt you without knowing that you’re too stupid. So we’re gonna ban all these things, and in effect we’re gonna be controlling the private sector.

We’re gonna be controlling way the way people live. Statists are experts at conveying a message of “caring,” while twisting the proverbial knife in the backs of the masses. They don’t care for us, they want to control us, and they know it. That’s why leftists and Democrats have mastered the art, the low arts of exploitation and manipulation. That’s exactly what they have done. The FDA says it cares about us, so it’ll ban trans fats as soon as they can get it done.

Then they tell the grateful left that their mandated unaffordable health insurance choices were dictated in the name of caring, too, and they blame that on the evil insurance companies who don’t care about you. They’ll say, “We care about you,” and they don’t. It isn’t possible. A government can’t care. A government can only coerce and force. A government cannot create wealth. It can only destroy it. And this regime may be the absolute best we’ve ever had at destroying wealth.



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