How the GOP Can Nuke Obama Back

Obama seems to be nuking himself pretty effectively.
Check it out:

A couple of things here on this nuclear option. There might be some confusion. Right now the nuclear option does not do away with the filibuster on legislation, just judicial nominees, cabinet appointees, and the like. There is still a 60-vote requirement for legislation essentially to pass. Now, the way it works, they come up with a bill and they start debating it. Sixty votes are needed to stop the debate and move to a final vote. And that vote to stop debate is called cloture. That is unchanged and that remains a weapon in the Republican arsenal if they choose to use it.

Now, I mentioned that there’s piece at by Daniel Horowitz. It is entitled: ” Senate Republicans Can Retaliate. Will They?” Here are a couple of pull quotes from the piece. “There is one simple thing Republicans can do to retaliate. They can start by ending the Democrat super-majority on legislative issues. They can easily pledge to filibuster every piece of legislation and deny all requests for unanimous consent until the rules change is overturned.”

Now, this requires a little bit of understanding about the parliamentary procedure in the Senate. Unanimous consent is a streamlined way of doing away with procedural votes and just moving to the final, “Okay we’re gonna proceed on unanimous consent.” And what Horowitz is suggesting here is do not ever anymore engage, do not grant any request by the leadership for unanimous consent. Make the Democrats earn every piece of legislation. Put them through the wringer. End the Democrats’ supermajority on legislative issues. It’s something they could do, the Republicans, if they want to. They could promise to filibuster every piece of legislation. That could have the effect of shutting down the Senate on legislative matters.

So then the question would arise, “How would Dingy Harry respond to a complete shutdown of the Senate?” Would he then change the rule and abolish the filibuster for legislation? (interruption) You don’t think he would? The thing is that right now that Dingy Harry nor Obama have anything to fear from eliminating the filibuster on judges because they know the Republicans are not going to retaliate. Every Democrat knows that. And Dingy Harry “knows that there is not a single issue where McCain, Corker, Graham, and Alexander will now withhold support simply because they were stiffed with the nuclear option.” Meaning, Dingy Harry knows that there are four Republicans that he can always count on voting against their party, in support of him, if it means keeping the Senate running.

Now, “Just an hour after Reid blew up the Senate, Republicans rewarded him by not objecting to the first unanimous consent. Every day, standing committees need consent to conduct hearings. This is a prime opportunity to grind the Senate to a halt until Reid changes his ways.”



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