George Pataki’s Self-Insurance Solution

I have an idea. Get government out of it. There is very few things government should do but for some reason they think they need to be in everything.
Check it out:

Now, according to George Pataki, “more than 60 percent of workers in large corporations and 80 percent of unions, along with 15 percent of workers in small businesses, are covered by self-insured plans. In fact, most of the 100 million workers now covered by self-insured plans don’t even know it. The differences to them are that minimal.” It’s an employee benefit. All they know is they’ve got health care. They know they’ve got dental. They know they’ve got a deductible. They know they’ve got a copay. They know they’ve got this, but they don’t know that the business is directly paying for it rather than getting an insurance policy that they’re all part of.

“The exemption from many ObamaCare rules will encourage more businesses to shift to self-insurance — but there’s a nationwide drive to stop them. The White House is leading the charge to close what it calls the ‘self-insurance loophole’ with a laundry list of tactics that were spelled out in a paper published by the hyper-liberal Center for American Progress, titled ‘The Threat of Self-Insured Plans Among Small Businesses.'”

Now, why would they care? Why would a left-wing website care? As long as people have insurance, as long as the employees are covered, why do they care how? And there is, again, another answer that if people just open their eyes, they’d understand what this is really all about, and it ain’t health care. It’s about control. It’s about having power over people. It’s about being able to deny you or grant you health care. You realize there are no death panels for people in self-insured plans. The self-insured plans do not generally require you not to eat or drink this or that. They just cover you, because there’s no insurance policy in place.

What they do have… Again, the businesses that do this, if they’re large, hire an insurance company to manage the claims. So that if you’re an employee at one of these self-insured plans, and you have to go to the doctor or you have to go to the hospital, you submit the claim to the business. It’s the human resources people. They’ve got an insurance company managing that, but the insurance company has no say-so in whether it’s paid or not.

The business does that.



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