Feds Starting To Bail Out Detroit?

Who is going to bail out the federal government when they go bankrupt?
Check it out:

O’Dell Tate has volunteered for the city’s Angels’ Night patrols for more than a decade and has watched as firefighters battle blazes that strain resources and put neighborhoods on edge.

Now, with a $24.2 million federal grant — the largest ever awarded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to a fire department — and two savvy grant writers, the city stands to hire 150 new firefighters.

“It couldn’t come at a better time,” Tate said. “We have wonderful firefighters here, but for a city Detroit’s size, to increase our numbers would be a great asset.”

After losing out on millions in federal grants for years, the Fire Department turned to the Detroit Public Safety Foundation, a nonprofit foundation founded in 2011 to boost Detroit’s waning public safety resources.

“The Fire Department is an area that has so many needs and they didn’t have anybody that has focused on writing grants … ,” Catherine Govan, executive director of the foundation. “It just makes us feel that we’re doing what we need to do to help the city.”



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