This is certainly interesting. How can this be when the TEA party is supposed to be such extremists?
Check it out:

Tea Party favorite Ken Cuccinelli, abandoned by the Republican establishment as too “extreme” to win in Virginia, crushed Democrat Terry McAuliffe among independent voters by 9 percentage points, 47%-38%. The key to McAuliffe’s victory was that the Democrat–assisted by the ruthless data-mining operation that fueled Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election–turned out his party’s base, while conservative voters were divided.

Cuccinelli’s winning margin among independent voters was only slightly lower than Mitt Romney’s 12-point margin in 2012. Romney also lost the state, however, after failing to bring conservative voters to the polls and mounting a lackluster a get-out-the-vote operation that was badly understaffed. (While Project ORCA failed, Tea Party activists from out of state manned polling places for Romney on their own initiative.)

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