The Establishment in Both Parties Want a Repudiation of the Tea Party

It is amazing that the thought of a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility is somehow radical.
Check it out:

If you look at the end result in Virginia, more people voted against McAuliffe than voted for him. It’s no different than Ross Perot in the race in 1992 siphoning votes away from Bush 41. And just like in Clinton’s two elections, more people voted against McAuliffe than voted for him because of this fake Libertarian candidate who was bought and paid for by an Obama bundler who ended up getting 7% of the vote.

Cuccinelli was supposed to lose this thing in a landslide. He ended up losing it by one to two percent. So it fits the Clinton model to a T. Bagman candidate, third-party candidate that’s a bogus placeholder, to siphon off votes, and it worked like a charm. But the details coming out of Virginia are even more frustrating and maddening than that. Even though they were predicted, it’s still frustrating to see it happen.

And I must tell you, folks, I’ve got audio sound bites here, I’m somewhat surprised, because in a series of these sound bites the Drive-By Media is not all that ecstatic over what happened in Virginia. I mean, they’re not looking at it as a repudiation of the Tea Party ’cause they know that’s not what happened. You know who wants you to think it’s a repudiation of the Tea Party? The GOP establishment. There’s some fascinating numbers here. The Republican National Committee in 2009 in the gubernatorial race there for Bob McDonnell, the Republican National Committee spent three times as much money four years ago on the same race as they did this year.

They spent $1 million. That’s it. One million for Ken Cuccinelli. Their candidate. The Chamber of Commerce spent zero helping Cuccinelli. Cuccinelli begged Chris Christie to come in and campaign for him. Christie said no, he wasn’t gonna do it. The Chamber of Commerce spent a million dollars four years ago in the governor’s race in Virginia, as I say, not a dime on Cuccinelli. And here we go again. Just like Mitt Romney. Cuccinelli won independents by nine points, 47 to 38%.



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