Driving an Electric Car Shows You Care

Shows that you don’t really care about quality.
Check it out:

Government is spending all this, not the electric car industry. The regular car industry is not getting this kind of government help other than GM being bailed out. But the point of the story is that nobody, in terms of real numbers, wants these, and yet it’s true, Obama does want everybody driving. This is my point. Why does he care? You know, Algore dreamed of everybody having an electric car. Do these people not understand that you cannot have an electric car without massive coal powered, coal-fired power plants? Where do you get the electricity to charge them?

I’m sorry, this is where things break down for me, just sort of common-sense things. People think that electric cars — well, where do they start from? They start from, “Regular cars pollute, oh, yeah. Greenhouse gases, CO2 and C20 and C-3PO and catalytic converters and gasoline and fires and they stink and it smells, and it’s pollution, and oil, yuk. It’s oil and polluting and oil spills and it’s profit for the oil companies.” They get lost in all this. Then they say, “Now, the electric car, now, that’s clean, yes siree. There’s no pollution. There’s no noise,” and so forth. Where do you get the electricity to power the car? You get it from coal, which Obama is trying to do away with.

So how are they gonna power these things? This why I don’t understand. People think they’re buying an electric car and saving the world, and yet it takes their number one enemy, coal, to have enough electricity to charge these things. Sometimes I don’t know how people think. But that’s why I think there’s this political attachment to it, sort of like wearing the red ribbon for AIDS. You care more than other people, like when you’re driving a Prius or what have you. It just shows how malleable people are and how susceptible they are to doing things.

First you can guilt them into making them think they’re responsible for climate change and pollution, and then you say, “But here’s a way you can say you’re sorry. Here’s a way you can make amends. Here’s a way that you can be forgiven.” And you go out and buy one of these hybrids or an electric car, and you agree to pay higher taxes and accept your portion of the blame for everything and you’ll be forgiven and you’ll be a good person. I don’t understand that working on people, but it does. The psychological play is profoundly successful.



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