Drive-Bys Hype Bad Thanksgiving Weather

You would think that the media has never seen snow before.
Check it out:

I’m watching CNN. It’s gonna rain and it’s gonna be so bad you might not be able to get to Grandma’s house, no matter if you go through the woods or on the highways. It’s just so bad out there. It’s so typical, every Thanksgiving it seems like there is a killer storm that’s gonna cause all kinds of delays and problems. It’s standard operating procedure, the busiest travel day of the year is the day before Thanksgiving and then the Sunday after it. And yet, no matter where you look in the Drive-Bys, there’s a mixed rain and snowstorm that could just gum up the works.

There could be people stranded for three weeks. Well, they’re not saying that, but that’s what they’re implying. I mean, it’s just so predictable.

Well, this is it, folks. It’s Thanksgiving week, and if you watch CNN, they’ve got you convinced you’re not gonna be able to get where you want to go. You watched, right? Okay. Am I not right? Are they not making this out to be like the Philippine hurricane? It’s gonna be bad. There are already flight cancellations, and you’re not gonna be able to get around if you live in a narrow swath of the country. You’re toast, if you watch CNN. It’s amazing what that network can do to the people that watch it. It’s not very many, thankfully, but they’ve got people convinced that they’re not gonna be able to get where they’re going or that they should leave five days early and maybe get there.



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